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  1. just moved to portland a couple weeks ago, still getting settled in. furnishing is a fun but expensive process, it may take a while to get everything we need. i'm trying soo hard to avoid ikea because that's what every young person's apartment is furnished with, but the price and designs are too good to pass up. i just got my mattress and i have a desk on the way.

    anyone have recommendations for bedding? i'm looking for a comforter with a nice texture, but all i can find is solids, florals, and stripes.

    what part of portland is that?

  2. Ed, I don't give a fuck where you're from. I give a fuck that you have your driver doing your work and then you come here showing off like it's something you had anything to do with. Anyone can own nice shit.

    true... reminds me of rich soft-body, southeast asian kids that try to act westernized and carry themselves with a wave of arrogance just cause they have a lot of cash. respect is given where its due. stop fishing for it Ed.

  3. Can we stop posting Hooper? He's the fucking Murakami of this thread.

    ^^^freals man get of your fucking high-horse. who gives a shit if hes the murakami of ink , good work is good work.

  4. im up in portland currently and looking at different places but do any locals want to personally recommend their spots? as aesthetic and style goes, im liking thomas hooper's..



  5. PBR

    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat




    *Never been a fan of Yuengling or Heinekin. No flavor.

    you have pabst on top of your list but complain about heinekin having no flavor. the hell are you on about

  6. ill be interning at a design consultancy on se water ave. been through CL although it seems like some ppl are reluctant to respond. any of you who have space around this area do the right thing and help a du out :)

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