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  1. you should send that suit in to get altered a bit. jacket seems a bit long and the pants should be hemmed so there isn't a break, maybe even slimmed a bit. As it is, my zara looks better. for the amount of money you put in get it tailored more. CDG should look better than that!

  2. i like the back of that hairstyle. i think if you reduced the volume then you wouldn't have a problem. use that as a foundation and fuck around til you make something more personal

  3. the triangle hasn't been working on the celts. they need kobe making shots so he can start kicking it out, spread out the floor, etc. not really working since his teammates are fucking useless. c'mon. the entire quarter scored by kobe? gimme a break.

  4. "i like your swallow necklace..did you get that from forever 21?? "

    hahhaha, only a bitch that ugly would feel the need to make such a video for attention

    you'd be surprised. the pretties do it too.

  5. Is it too early to say PP is done for? I've never liked his 'game' but man this playoff run has been poor for his standard.


    Anyone able to hook up a white Davis swingman jersey in XL?

    why on earth would you want a big baby jersey

  6. for all his offensive blunders, ron ron really has been holding it down defensively. just little stuff like closing out on big baby when KG was doubled. if the Lakers win another one in bean town, it's over.

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