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  1. A junior in highschool.

    Still exploring and searching for career ideas, I have relative talent with drawing/illustrating, and photography. I have a lot of ideas for movies and stories and culinary business endeavors.

    I just want to be happy, a live true.

    + I am going to learn how to drive, and i want to take some classes of some sort .

    always looking for dat perfect indie lady friend.

    whoooo boyy

  2. can somebody explain, in one line, what all of this is about?? i don't watch sports, but is this basically just people getting their panties in a knot because lebron didn't resign with cleavland, and instead moved to a team where he would basically be guaranteed a big win? if not what is the deal?

    it would be like.. if winston churchill was up for being re-elected but instead of staying with britain he went over to nazi germany to serve under hitler.

  3. ny_g_amaregallery10_800.jpg

    amar'e rocks the douchey airport traveler hip clip? thank god the knicks haven't signed anything yet and can still back out...

    only someone from sufu would knock on a franchise player for cell phone case placement ahahah

  4. Going shopping first then spending the rest of the day at Disneyland.

    Yeah a lot of the stores are pretty boring but it's either that or RO boutique and shit in LA that only 2 people can afford.

    a bunch of internet dudes are going to dland together? <pause>

  5. Are there any hi top sneakers that give off that raf simmons/rick owens etc effect without those prices lol.

    Im kind of swaying towards Supras but I sometimes hear bad things about them, If I can afford the big brands should I even bother with attemping the look?

    man just buy what your gut tells you to buy. that way i won't feel bad when i neg you for buying supras

  6. i feel the need to reiterate that yoallanface is one of the best posters on this forum. calvinoscar is another favorite too even though he's a total asshole



    some leather

    some tank

    some jeans

    some shoes

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