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  1. you respect him because he wears something you wouldn't. great logic.

    how on earth is it aesthetically pleasing? it looks like he dry humped the red off clifford. Even if there was a feasible way to make these colors work, wearing a similar colored shoe makes his slacks look like feet pajamas.

    Please don't apply what you think you know about "aesthetics" to suiting. there is a reason why people generally aren't comfortable wearing bright red pants with a light colored blazer along with a tang colored kleenix.

    i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you have red-green color blindness.

  2. go to nyu and incur 80k in debt and hope to transfer into steinhardt instead of CAS to be a special ed teacher

    stay home at san jose state uni and be a special ed teacher locally with little to no debt

    i has 3 days to decide

    honestly, just go wherever you think will be a better environment to develop yourself as a person. NYU is a good school and NY is a great city. if your (parent's) wallet can take the hit, go to NYU. Staying home may save you money but you might also miss out on a lot of fun/meaningful experiences

  3. Finished interning at a film production company that did some cool movies (the ring, the departed, etc.)

    In the fall I'm interning for Fox and at Opening Ceremony for shits and giggles. School is just getting in the way at this point. Bright side is that I'm taking a class on being about talent representation (ugh) at CAA (ooh!).

  4. damn! i wanted in on this! oh well, maybe i'll be paying attention for the next one. in the meantime i'm looking forward to the treasures and trash some people may receive.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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