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  1. When I first made this thread, I had thought it'd end up like a cig butt thrown on the highway....forgotten....

    But I see its livelier than ever.


    I've been trying to quit lately. Years ago I'd smoke half a pack a day with my gf. Kool Krushes from Japan.

    Then when she left, and I started taking graduate level classes, I upped my dosage to a pack a day at times.

    Does anyone like those new menthol camel crushes? I think they are the shit when you want some icy cool menthol flavor.

    Anyway what happened to the cig swap?

    i tired those menthol camel crushes months back when they came out, fucking strong, left my throat hurting after chaining a few the night before. They are nice though once in a while, dont think i could smoke them as a daily.

    anyone still down for cig swap. like i said a few posts up i have a couple packs of camel nutty menthol for swap

  2. any way i can get somewhere in august? traveling to oregon and such for camping and other "red necking" things as my friend puts it, seems like a lot of people in this tour will be traveling, looks good!

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