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  1. forgot to add heres a couple of pictures from a good day last week had the chance to go up to my neighborhoods hill: bernal hill. On a good day one of the best views of the industrial bay and other parts of the city.

    sultro tower and twin peaks



    golden gate bridge on the right mission district and outer market


    financial district/downtown and the bay bridge


    the bayview hunters point area, docks



    visatacion valley


    the excelsor/ocean area


  2. happy new year burgus! prolly one of my last updates before i ship out to the next person, havent been doing to much its been raining like mad here so just been lounging around here and there.

    Stopped by the haight ashbury area to cheap out some snowboarding gear, villians. Haight is filled with so many smoke shops now its crazy, the whole vibe there still remains true to those hippy roots.


    headed out to get some lunch at a hole in the wall vietnamese place. got to love vietnamese sandwiches. i swear i can eat these all the time and not get tired of it.


    meet up with a group of old high school friends for dinner at this franchised brewery/resturant called Bjs. Nice atmosphere and everything but doesnt seem right to have franchised a brewery style resturant. but anyway go some deep dish pizza for everyone and roast beef dip for me. Decent food, did the job and got me full as fuck.


    finished the night off with a walk around and drinks around the city. passed by this asian salon. lol never got the concept of tattooing makeup


    One of the only days a didnt rain this week got a chance to head downtown.

    errie mix of sunny overcast


    passed by the mission on my way. Part of me always liked the mission, mecha of mexican life in san francisco, good food, lots of .99 cent stores, just full of the most random things you can find anywhere else in the city.


    Thing about san francisco is that they still kind of run the cable car system. Only runs from middle of downtown san francisco to to the top of marina district. nice to ride on a good day.


    stopped at blondies pizza for lunch, best pizza in the city to me right now. a bit like a whole in the wall and always packed. I always go for the daily special, today the pesto chicken. Something they do with the crust just makes the pizza that much better,


    thats pretty much it for me, will do a last update soon.

  3. hey guys Christmas update.

    pictures from tuesday, my friends are slowly filtering back to the city for winter break. My day off of work spent hanging out with them. Decided to get lunch. My friend suggested SF Cheesesteak, what a perfect idea, best cheese steak in san francisco.

    got a side of onion rings too, never been to philly before but man cheese steak was good.


    ended up kicking it at my friends house the rest of the night watching the warriors game. afterwards headed to in & out for some late night muchies. Something about an in and out burger, secret sauce chopped up onions who knows.

    animal style cheese burger.


    fast forward to wednesday, been raining all week and the style just started to clear up.


    didnt know it was a chinese holiday, but specially we were supposed to have this soupy dish. Not really sure what its called but its made up of white turnips, dried baby shrimp, chinese sausage, and instead of noodles rice flour rolled into balls. topped off with chives its a dish i grew up on and delious.


    christmas eve pretty quiet decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood passed by the park i used to play at as a kid, used to spend my whole afternoon there after school and heres a good view of the bay from my neighborhood



    came back home with tapioca tea and fried chicken.


    pretty quiet Christmas day, we dont really celebrate anymore, just dinner with the family. but here is my sole present from my sister.


    howd everyone elses Christmas go? Merry Christmas everyone:D

  4. friday, helped out with a massive window shipment for the new house


    had dinner with my family for my birthday, cousins brought over their kids


    spoiled ones they are, both girls



    Small dinner with soup, roasted duck, chinese braised turkey, char siu, and some gai lan greens.


    Chocolate mocha birthday cake, pretty delicious


    went out with a couple friends for wings and drinks at wing-stop, i like to say i can eat really spicy food, these were by far the spiciest wings i had ever had. Made my friends whole body sweat it was pretty funny. (if anyone ever goes to wing stop fair warning for the Atomic wings lol)


  5. hey everyone update from the last few days

    Ending up without a car on wednesday after work so ended up taking public transportation homie, good day without any rain even some random chicken was talking the blocks with me haha.


    havent taken buses/trains for a while so this was a refreshing experience, took the bart (stretches really far throughout northern california) its like a dumbbed down NY MTA but so much cleaner in the station and inside the train.



    cushioned seats make my ride back in the city so comfy


    when i got off felt like i was in high school again taking the bus home, from here it was the exact same route i took home.


    good ol 23 bus took me from the ghetto/projects to my asian neighborhood high school.



    heres a mural right next to my house, seen it all my life. It was like the dividing line between the projects (2 blocks away) and the yuppie part of my neighborhood.


  6. quick update, these last two days have been pretty boring, just work and shitty rainy weather. would have a few more pictures but technical difficulties with my new phone corrupted them. anyways

    went to work with my dad on the house, mom bought some chinese pastries for breakfast. grow up on these pastries for breakfast. whats in the box, bbq pork buns, hot dog buns (my college roommate and i always debated on what kind of hotdog they put in there because amazing, but they have to be cheap because they only cost 70 ish cents per bun), coconut buns, and my favorite pineapple buns with custard in the middle.


    mom also bought some of these cookies, basically the best part of the pineapple bun (the top) made into a cookie. I remember when i was a kid my parents would get the plain pineapple buns without custard, i would pick the top off and leave the rest. these cookies were a godsend haha.


    headed over to the new house to work on some odds and ends with my dad, The city is really small, one main road with restaurants, corner stores, and misc mom and pop bars and businesses. Not a supermarket in site.


    pretty nice suburb feel to it, theres one plaza that houses a bank of america, and misc independent restuarants. Only one fastfood there which is a subway.


    pretty cool they had a really small skate park with a half pipe and a few ramps and bars. couldnt get all of it i was driving and picture taking haha.


    helped my dad demolish the walls around these stairs, taking out sheetrock and stripping it down to the wall frames



    these next few days might be a bit more interesting i promise haha

  7. stopped by the flippino deli i been going to since i was a kid. All kinds of flippino food and deli foods. got a pastrami sandwich, lumpia (flippino egg rools), and coconut juice. amazing




    on the way back, ahahaha


    end my night heading out to my internships holiday party, just stopped by for a little bit to say my hellos, i did get to snap a picture of the air filled wrestling ring and sumo body suits, pretty funny to see haha.


  8. hey everyone, back with a update for the last couple days

    went out to get dim sum with my mom and sister, lap fade picture on the ride over.


    been a while since i had dim sum went to this place called dim sum king, not the real experience with chinese ladies carting dim sum around (thats half the experience lol), they give you a paper menu and you mark what you want., sauced up chicken feet, egg rolls, hai gaw, hai cheung, sui mai (not pictured). All round decent dim sum.


    stopped by the mall, big ass xmas tree in the middle, kids waiting in line for santa, couldnt get a picture with santa haha.


    went to get an early dinner in my neighborhood, passed by my elementary school, its weird seeing it as an adult. The mural i helped paint when i was a kid is still there.



    heres a view of my neighborhoods backyard, my coworker summed it up just right, its like yuppie ville in my neighborhood that has a front seat to the ghetto.



  9. eternal 811 contest jeans on the left burgus on the right, burgus are still so dark even though it went through some washes, love the color of them, special in their own right compared to 811s


    heres a color compare between all three D/Js, 811s, burgus, and salvage shots


    red 811, vs pink burgus, the pink burgus and D/Js, and shot of all three




    ended the night watching the golden state warriors get their asses handed to them by the spurs -_-, at least i have a grass jelly drink.


    till tomorrow

  10. Aho: more burgers to come for sure

    Medine, thin, b_f: cuffed at the start of the day but looked weird to me when i was were low top chucks, i kind of like the stacks haha

    Today, nothing exciting, remember what i talked about the weird sunny day yesterday, well today we got real rainy storm like weather. View from my house before leaving for work.


    working today at my internship, looks like a work at a factory, but this is where tobi.com is, tripped me out at first too. basically behind an old torn down usps shipping building thats now filled with mounts of dirt.



    Unit 5 tobi.com to the left of that door you can see the san bruno hills, and the big sign for south san francisco, that signs been up there since i was born, no idea why they put it up since it does get cover in fog most of the time. by mid day that sign was covered in fog.



    snapped so pictures of my desk and the room where i work, odd room out of the whole building which is pretty much clean rooms, havent really found out the story behind why were have graf in marketing department.



    not to much went on the rest of the day because of heavy rain so no glorious food posts for the time being, decided it would be good to take a burgus with his temporary indigo denim roommates. up first burgus with my denim junkies put in a good twoish years in them soft like burgus and still pretty dark.




  11. decided to take a smoke break and take some fit pics at the parking lot lol. loving the fit of these expect them to be looser since this is technically a size up but ended up fiting perfect to my liking.



    headed out to nations for a late lunch, awesome diner spot with awesome burgers and pies



    Come out with a ole (regular cheeseburger with 2 slices of mild hot peppers in it) cheeseburger and fries, looks sloppy but tastes amazing.


    Side fit pic while eatting in parking lot again haha


    thats it for me till tomorrow

    edit: heres the snacks i grabbed, mega bag of seaweed flavored chips, so good (can some one explain to me why japanese chip bags are so inflated), my recent rekindled love for honey grass jelly drinks, and some msg dusted crackers so bad but taste awesome.


  12. Burgus tour continues , jeans finally in my hand since last night, time to put stiff ass eternals away for this soft burgus. They feel great compared to eternals. First day of wear today.

    Everything that was in the package Ran sent. denim Cloth bag, jeans, Cig holder, Wander Singapore shopping guide, Chip and pin from Medine. Cloth bag made of black denim, fricken huge. Singapore guide makes me want to move there, amazing stores listed inside the book.


    Close up of the cig case ran provided, i will put this to good use haha.


    started off the day dropping something off in downtown san francisco. in the middle of financial district of downtown.


    sitting in medium traffic during lunch time. weird sunny day in rainy december


    quick freeway picture, tried to get the bay in there but failed, like i said oddly sunny day.


    ended up at my familys fixer uper to meet my dad, right outside of san francisco. Major work in progress.



    great view though, cant wait till its done


    headed out to return some things at the mall, ended up snack shopping at the asian supermarket close by. Ran your case went straight to use.


  13. ...I am 5'4", haha. But judging from kai's fit pics, I feel a bit better about it. Kai, does the ass balloon out in the back though? Thanks for the fit pic btw. What size are you wearing? And what did you hem to?

    i went true to size. there is a little bit of ballooning but id say it gets better as you wear and the denim get less stiff, i dont pay it much mind in the end anyway. if your really that worried about it id say size down, i feel like i could have but i wanted a straight cut/loose. I hemmed to a 35 to get a 32 inch inseam, could have easily hemmed to a 33 or 32 to get a 30 or 29 in post soak hem.

  14. Can any short people (<5'7") comment on the rise of these things? I know it's kinda high, but I decided to risk it anyways. It's the only thing I got qualms about tbh.

    Great evo btw everyone! :D

    im 5'4 and i dont have much of a problem with the rise, it is true what the poster above said about the rise being less than okinawas, and a little more than s5000bks.


    heres a fit pic from first day if it helps.

  15. sent them out to _kai_ during the sufu downtime yesterday. sorry for the lack of pictures and no spectacular final post update but i decided that it'll be too unfair to hold on to them for a fantastic update before sending them off, after holding them for close to 2 months already! having said that, can't wait to see what _kai_ has up his sleeve for his updates!

    i would like to thank all you guys for the support and all the kind words during my league. there's lots more to share but there's always going to be another tour/WAYJDT thread! hope you guys enjoyed my league of the tour and continue to show _kai_ the support you all have given me. special thanks for FLASH again for being so gracious! = )

    looking forward to getting the jeans soon, will try to do them as much justice as ran, aho, and medine have done.

  16. CC is a trap unless you got a plan already (imo)

    That said, I would have gone to CC for a cheaper alternative my first/second year then finish up at a Uni.

    But hey, UCR isn't that bad after 5 years now. . . (5) lol

    Honestly, I wonder if I would have had as much exposure going to CC/commuting from home than meeting everyone starting in the dorms. I really doubt it and that exposure + exp. really does shape you in some way.

    its not bad going to cc then transfering, i transferred and lived in a dorm for transfer students it was a different experience with a older crowd. i think if i had to the chance to go to college straight up out of high school i would do it just to have experienced more. going to cc everyone is in transition and doing something to get where they want, not really a social environment imo.

  17. Yeah it's TAP, but it requires you to take honors classes and such. It's still VERY do-able, just a little more work than TAG. Also, if memory serves me right, if you pass the honor's courses, you are allowed to apply with 2 majors.

    TAG and UC applications are completely separate. UC applications are mandatory for the colleges you want to get in to. TAG is an extra program that guarantees you admission to a select college. Ex. If you do TAG for UCI, you still have to fill the UC application out.

    For someone who is about to transfer, I know very little about transferring. But I'll give you the limited knowledge I know as accurately as possible.

    i did tap 2 years ago and from what i remember it isnt a guarantee to get into UCLA, i think it was you get priority or something like that. either way like ke1 said honors is really doable, not many more requirements than just taking regular classes. get the facts straight from a counselor much easier and more helpful.

  18. So Mild Sevens are only sold in Japan? Nowhere to be found in sunny SoCal?:(

    you can get mild sevens in little tokyo in la at the plaza where orochan and that japanese bookstore are, check around your local japanese supermarkets they might have some

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