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  1. The Office

    That's highly disappointing...I wonder how long this strike is going to drag on.
  2. The Office

    Let's hope after the writers' strike the episodes start to get better again, a la seasons 2 and 3. I don't necessarily have a favorite episode since each one leaves me wanting more. I think one of my favorite scenes is the beginning of "the client" when they show clips of michael parading around in his levi's. haha.
  3. The Office

    Its too bad next weeks episode is the last new one for a while due to the writers being on strike... Oh well maybe I'll just catch up on shows like Heroes or Lost.
  4. The Office

    Kevin is indeed one of the best characters...his mannerisms are hilarious. I can see how some people think Steve Carell is annoying, but the thing about his humor is that he's not trying to force it on people a la Jim Carrey, Dane Cook, etc. "I have heeeeemmmmmoooorrrhoooids!!!!"

    I'm lovin the Hiero sticker! I don't want to post pictures of my ride, since its a beater. '92 ford explorer with a BAD paint job (midnight blue), no power windows/locks, broken door handles, broken center arm rest, etc....

    tory lane charmane star eva angelina
  7. best concerts you ever been to

    Hieroglyphics with People Under the Stairs...November 2002
  8. Five Favourite Cars

    The General Lee JDM Type-R Integra 64 Chevy Impala lowrider Rob Dyrdek's Murdered Out Tahoe BMW M5
  9. Movies that Make You Tear Up

    tear up every single time....RICKY!!!!!! Still don't know why he tried to outrun a shotgun bullet...also, doesnt a shotgun bullet spray out?
  10. Favourite Nike Shoes

    Air GO LWP. Un. Fuckin'. Believable.
  11. The Office

    That actually occurs during season 2. But yes that was pretty damn hilarious, nontheless. I feel like they are shying away form the main characters and developing kevin a little more, which I love. He's so funny...his voice, his mannerisms, everything. I really wish they'd bring karen back as a recurring character; I think she has maybe 1 or 2 episodes left.
  12. work in chicago?

    I'd say hit up a bunch of differnt bars/taverns/clubs to see if they are hiring doormen, bouncers, bar backs, etc.
  13. Post your desktops.

  14. The Office

    this is the dvd thing... bkfjRQTGg1c
  15. The Office

    I can see how you find him annoying. Kinda in a Jim Carrey kind of way? I remember when Jim Carrey was all over popular media and he went from being hilarious to uber-annoying. Especially whenever people would constantly quote Ace Ventura....the same thing happened with Will Ferrell. He's hilarious and all but his movie roles got to be real dull and inspired.... I tried watching the british version a couple of times and I just couldn't get into it.