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  1. Supreme 2011 F/W

    For free?!?! ill take it from ya
  2. yes or no? / this or that?

    Would the 3sixteens be ideal for a person with bigger than average thighs (Im not fat 5'6 160lbs but I work my legs out lol)? How should I size with the 3sixteens? Do they stretch?
  3. yes or no? / this or that?

    I live in Canada..and theyre all most likely sold out on every online retailer or don't have my size. The only place that has my size is in Canada... edit: I pulled the trigger and bought the hideouts. No regrets lol
  4. yes or no? / this or that?

    guess you're right. But these cost $100 each lol
  5. yes or no? / this or that?

    Because of the price/quality.....
  6. yes or no? / this or that?

    Are these converse worth the price ($100) ?? Also, which one would you cop. Converse Hideouts
  7. Where can I cop a button down L/S Shirt like this?? I need to stock up for winter but I want nice looking ones.. anyone know where to cop some online or in store? What kinda brand is this dude wearing?
  8. Fucking Camo

    Hows the sizing on this? I'm 5'6 160lbs..should I get small or Medium?
  9. Fucking Camo

    Cop or not? 100% Polyester? Its cheap..... http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/g-passio/item/a0856_113l8815/
  10. yes or no? / this or that?

    For the fall/winter?? Brown or Black??
  11. Naked & Famous Denim

    Okay well to be honest, I'm the second owner of these jeans lol....dude who owned them sold them to me for $40...cheap... theres only two small rips on the inner inseam but nothing big. He wore them for 4 months...minimal wear....just school/walking around city...but now ive been wearing them a lot everyday...to school....running... clubbing.... parties etcetc lol.. So I guess you can say i've only been wearing these jeans for 1 month....but yeah they do smell lol..... ps. i got them hanging outside to air out
  12. Naked & Famous Denim

    Im going to give these jeans a 3rd cold soak.... It definitely needs more breaking in.... I have no idea why the deep indigos fade faster.. maybe the dye?
  13. Naked & Famous Denim

    I will bro and i guess you're right ill wait another month i guess but don't expect much..... these wont turn out like those deep indigo N&F jeans that were posted a while back.... lol I dont think I put enough wear in these jeans....
  14. Naked & Famous Denim

    mine are starting to fade..slightly...for just 5 months of wear... Im not sure if I want to give them a wash or not..they're starting to smell...
  15. Naked & Famous Denim

    Btw, I have regular indigo n&f jeans..and I'm already seeing some fading...(wallet, knees etc) 5 months now.. and 2 cold soaks. will post pics after i give them a wash