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  1. 2009 Superfuture Conest - Dry Bones

    i like the cut on the red-d but i'd be down for whatever depending on price.
  2. My denim project 2nd sample version

    i'd be interested in the contest if it goes down.
  3. Jessica Alba vs The Stanley Cup

    i'd take the cup. i've partied / hung out with some nhl guys and they have pussy thrown at them. at least up here in canada
  4. superjobs: under 18

    i not to sure what i'll be doing yet. basically you get part orders from dealerships and go around getting all the parts they need. I'll most likely be doing the smaller parts so it won't be to dangerous
  5. superjobs: under 18

    i'm 18. got hooked up with a warehouse job for ford. gonna be making 28$ an hour. 8 hour days and lots of overtime at time and a half
  6. College Acceptance Letters

    got into U of A (Alberta). the application process in the states sounds so hectic and it seems really hard to get into a good school. Thankfully up here it's solely based on academics and I could pretty much get into any school that I wanted to go to
  7. Pherrows Denim Contest @ mynudies.com

    that guy there is wearing the jeans like a tool. here's a better pic:
  8. Pherrows Denim Contest @ mynudies.com

    oh i didn't really think we'd get much interest over here but it doesn't hurt to try
  9. I've have been asked to post this over here to see if there's any interest on this board. Anyways the guys at mynudies have decided to have a contest beginning in Sept 08 using the Pherrows 421. Now I know i'll probably take some flak about how there's already to many contests going on but keeping in mind these are a pair of jeans that not many members of either forum have experience with, infact no thread even exists here about Pherrows. Anyways here's a little bit of brief info. Start Date: Revised to January 1 2009 Sponsorship: If we are able to get 80 contestants, chances are we will get to have a pair of jeans with a custom patch and maybe a few other minor details. Price may also be lower. Price: 20790 yen without a sponsor Prizes: These are still currently in discussion. One idea was that everyone contribute the equilvalent of 1000 yen and that money be used for gift certificates to Ratuken that would be given to the winners. So for more information/pictures/sizing you can check out http://mynudies.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6980 If you want to join you can either sign up over there of just pm me and tell me your interested. Thanks
  10. state your beer, drinkers

    had a great polish beer this weekend. It's called Leżajsk and it's pretty easy to find
  11. Naked & Famous Denim

    Any stores in Winnipeg or Edmonton gonna be carrying these?
  12. state your beer, drinkers

    La Fin du Monde -Possibly the best beer ever Guinness Alexander Keiths The occasional Fort Gary Dark And if I'm on a budget and wanna get juiced then i go with Lucky
  13. Has anybody tapered their Thin Finns?

    wow those would be some damn tight jeans
  14. Nudie Jeans outdated?

    Nudies are somewhat of a gateway brand for people. They're marked very well and introduce many to the world of dry denim. While some only wear it because it's the "cool" thing to do. Others (like myself) eventually move on to other more obscure brands, something that would probably never had happend without wearing nudies first.
  15. Canada - Levis 501 STF / Gap selvedge

    No they do not sell Levis 501 STF in Canada. You'll either have to get some while in the states or ask someone to buy some for you and send em up. As for the Gap jeans I have no idea.