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  1. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Sold sold sold sold sold
  2. Urban Techwear

    I picked up a large and I'm a size 34 waist with athletic build. Had plenty of room in the thighs and just enough taper in the calves. Plenty of stretch in the material so it wasn't tight. Glad I picked up both colors
  3. Recent Purchases. . . 2012

    Hated mine, used it for a couple weeks and then returned it.
  4. Love this jacket to death but I just don't wear it anymore. It's in great condition but some of the white is dirty. You should be able to get it cleaned out pretty easily. The cuffs will get a little damp when soaked. I think it's pretty easy to re-waterproof. Looking for $400 plus 5% PayPal fees. Willing to ship internationally for $35. Domestic US shipping will be free if purchased at $400 price point. I'd be happy to take more pictures if requested. SIZE MEDIUM This bag is in excellent condition, only blemish is on the outside zipped. Asking for $325 + 5% PayPal fees. Will be shipped priority mail for US residents, shipping will be free if purchased at $325. Price is negotiable. I am willing to ship internationally at $35.
  5. Looks like a Deathstroke jacket, I like it.
  6. Just selling stuff I don't use anymore. Prices are negotiable. If you need more pictures or have questions, email me at [email protected] Paypal ONLY First up is the Visvim E-Cat 30L. It used, probably 7/10. Scratches on the buckles and scuffs on the elk leather bottom. Still tons of life in it. Price: $325 shipped. Next is the Headporter Shati Messenger Bag It's brand new, used maybe twice Price: $150 shipped Last is the Visvim Dado Paclite Nomad in a Medium. This is just an interest check and I'm only letting it go for the right price. It is used and slightly dirty in some areas. I will take it to get dry cleaned if purchased. Price: Offer I can provide more pictures of the Nomad upon request. I forgot to tag the ones I took with my nice camera and I'm too lazy to retake them
  7. SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Thank you Hide-san! Great service, very prompt communication and just an overall nice guy.
  8. Supreme 2009 S/S

    http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ology/5488418 decent sized pictures of the new drop ^damn, minutes faster than me
  9. Bump, prices lowered. More pictures are available upon request
  10. Like New Shati Headporter Messenger Black/Red Purchased this summer, still have tag and the product card Looking for $200 shipped Price is negotiable Add 4% for paypal Any questions, please PM or send me an email at [email protected]
  11. double post, please delete. sorry!