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  1. 17 hours ago, SuE said:

    Is drop crotch controversial here? You don't like the functionality (it's not necessary?) or the aesthetic ― or both?

    I think it comes across as a bit corny (the brass knuckles and other stuff) because a lot of the 'urban techwear' fit pic posters have gone totally overboard and post themselves with photoshopped Gray Fox masks and katanas and shit. Not really blaming acronym since maybe it's just E styling how he likes without caring whether or not others have taken it to a laughable extreme but it does seem to play into the joke of the aesthetic a bit too much. 

  2. DfNVq9gXkAAKd-U.jpg

    21 hours ago, X.bee said:

    Thats what E would call, interior patina of the Japanese membrane to underscore wabi sabi aesthetic. Or some bullsh*t like that.


  3. On 2018-05-28 at 4:09 AM, Yan90 said:

    Its pupiltravel -"brand" from Samhe (chinese fakecronym xerox guy). The last shit from him is duotone j28 in xpac. Lol

    Oh I know, that's why I was asking about that item specifically. Was wondering if it's a copy of something from another brand or if it's original. 

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