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  1. 200 shipped to singapore?
  2. hi interested. where are u located?
  3. seriously need help here.

    i filed a dispute but they said it's not covered? is the dispute covered only for ebay? is there any way i could get the admin here to help me get the seller's contact?
  4. seriously need help here.

    bro i paid via paypal. but how do i go about filing a dispute? and sure to get back the refund?
  5. mates, i purchased a dior jeans from user <dasper> a mth ago through paypal but till now i have yet to receive. the first two weeks he said there was delay in shipping and stuffs however for the next two weeks, he went missing and i totally cant reach him. anyone can tell me what could i do at this point of time or what should i do? it involved a big sum of money to me. sincerely appreciated mates. eug
  6. i think it fits very nice on you. cool
  7. i want to buy your dior raw indigo/black MIJ size 28/29 19cm paypal. pm me if you have
  8. WTB: dior bee tee

    plain dior bee tee. looking for above size XS/S preferly in black. pm me
  9. Dior Homme Denim

    i am rather new in this so hopefully someone can guide me on this. what's the diff between MIJ and MII raw indigo? i know the material used for MIJ is better of, the pockets are bigger, stretched lesser. how about the color of the indigo for MII and MIJ, is it the same tone? and will a 19cm MII fits and cuts the same way as MIJ? i have a MIJ raw indigo 19cm, intending to get a MII now. so i need help. thanks!
  10. anyone? offer me your price.
  11. dior indigo sz 28 19cm MIJ brand new/used looking for above. pm if you have it. cheers
  12. loooking for above. pm if have thanks.