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  1. so you don't know what to give your fam for xmas?? or you hate them and want to treat yourself with some nice stuff, here are a few suggestions.

    *shipping is not included*

    ***the more stuff you buy, the better deal you get***

    og beanie 30$ (many colors available)


    open top beanie 40$ (many colors available)


    loose gauge scarf 35$ (many colors available)


    leather necklace 25$


    leather choker 20$


    leather bracelets 18$


    suede and leather bracelets 15$ each



    leather keychains 10$ each


  2. i think the last time and only time i really fully read Le Petit Prince was when i was 15.

    and this morning i woke up with that in my head:

    "It is the time you have devoted to your rose that makes your rose so important."


    ive been spending so much time meditating since i lost my phone.

    not that i used to be brainless or anything. but you know.

  3. im fucking tired of seeing my brother being such a waste.

    being sick cause too high on morphine

    just smoked freebase in my face and puke again

    drinking liquor and puking.

    i mean i ain't no angel, i do smoke weed everyday and drink a bit most of the days. i'll get super drunk on the weekends and do some drugs, but i always enjoy it and it's always for fun, and i'm never sick

    but him it makes him cry, get sick and get useless. what,s the fucking point of doing something that feels so bad???

  4. I think your lookbooks are quality enough, suzie.

    I actually think I prefer dope lookbooks to runway shit, but obviously the runway stuff is an event.

    yo thanks. it's just that in the past weeks, the organization of MTL fashion week have been sending me emails, asking me to participate to the next edition, saying i was their "coup de coeur" and all that jazz. and they even emailed that stylist that i work with sometimes to have her to get me to do it...

    i know it's gonna bring exposure, but every time i went to events for mtl fashion week i was sorta disappointed... there's also a lot of money, time and stress involved

    do you have a rep sistersuzie? i would at least talk to one and see what they say about it if you don't. theres lots of like trade shows and stuff you can go to too.

    to clarify: tradeshows that buyers for stores go to

    yeah i have to check that out

    I prefer presentations more than anything. Presentations do make me feel bad for the models though, they are forced to stand about for 45 minutes while ugly people drink wine and snap constant photos of their privates.

    they're great to look at the pieces, but idk, i don't wanna make the models do that!

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