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  1. i remember really well one of the first time i ever experienced (or at least remember experiencing) sexual excitement.

    as a loner kid, on the bus, i'd always rather sit in a bench alone.

    so one day, the only empty spot was one with a wheel under.

    i sat at the end, to lay on the window, and then, it all started...

    as soon as the bus drove away from my house i started feeling funny... just between my legs... not like anything i had known or felt before. and let me tell you that on a rocky road, the way is rather tumultuous! jumping from time to time, i was closing my legs tighter, and it felt good

    i was trying my best to not change my expression; already at that early age, i felt that there was something very private about what i was experimenting.

    i never mentioned it to anybody, but i was always picking that bench everyday after that in elementary school. and even in highschool, whenever i had a chance

    also, i gotta admit, it felt even... funnier... when there was somebody next to me.

    like an inside joke

  2. everyone i know seeemed to have had a really shitty saturday night

    my closest female friend turned her back on me so i left to go home and who do i see on the bus at like 2am? an ex with her new du

    my brother was caught in a cross fire shooting at a strip club, three black guys showed up and claimed the strippers were actually their bitches so they pulled out guns and started to shoot at dus across the room, my brother just had enought time to flip the table over and get down, his coworker was shot in the hip though

    hahhaha where was that

  3. i love my job, and especially my boss.

    he's really like a big brother to me.

    the jewish guy from the store next door was hitting on me and being a perv.

    and he told him "you wanna fuck her? well don't"

    there's also a machete in the backstore and he already used it...

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