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  1. not really

    so true, usually in the streets people spit on me, call me names. the other day a chick even pulled my hair!!!

    i was just hoping that the internet nerds would be nicer to me since they don't encounter ladies so often, you know.

    i guess i'm back to self mutilation

  2. was cool, met interesting people. tried that new joint "whip", pretty cool all inside is painted/ decorated by street artists. went to that art gallery thingy last night, had a suite at the gansevoort park avenue, hung at the one in the meatpacking district too. food was delicious, as ever, drinks and blunts for all!

    ill go back soon that's for sure. there's never enough time

  3. say what?

    you need something that technology can't bring the kids: IMAGINATION

    also, sense of humor

    or either or, really.

    or no sticks up your butt.

    there are so many possibilities

    let the good lord bouwnt into your heart and you will see the light

    at the end of the tunel, right?

    in my head's an easy thing, the rest is just so many miles away\!

  4. i'm about to have a nervous breakdown, i need HELP.

    my friend tried to do something with google analytics or idk with my blog/ website and it screwed it up royally.

    the permalinks were fucked but now they're fine. the thing is. no matter what page or menu i click on, it always redirect to my blog. and the addresses seem fine. when i try to edit the page i see the right content, but not when i click view page.

    i really have no clue what i can do to fix this, and i really need it to be working :(

    somebody please help!!!!!!!!

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