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  1. southfive

    waywt? saved my life

    more info on scarves hookes?
  2. southfive

    Breaking Bad

    "teddy bear eye cook meth till i die" do you live under a rock?
  3. southfive


    i think i heard she did preshow. i just now started watching too doe
  4. southfive

    good hip hop

    what the hell is easily the best track. shit cranks though.
  5. southfive

    good hip hop

    was ye calling out curren$y or am i reading too far into it?
  6. southfive

    real americans.

    oh dont worry someone else got it for you. fuck this stereotype. this thread could never even contain pictures of 1% of our population. but i guess the people in those picture represent a whole country. alt: this thread is racist against white people
  7. southfive

    real americans.

    this is ignorant as fuck.
  8. southfive

    Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    so dope hollows. im gonna creep around your house and steal all yer leather ideassss. not really though dont call the cops
  9. southfive

    best waywt bodies

  10. southfive

    really urban outfitters?

    the word hipster has managed to turn almost everyone into a fuckin hipster
  11. southfive

    Post some "Next level" shit.