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  1. I have a question that i need someone to help me with. The lanvins with the 07 white converse type rubber sole, how do i preserve them? I wore the shoe once and looking under the bottom, i noticed that the right side of the sole is already wearing out slightly, one of the worst things is to have a shoe with a leaning sole, that's not cool, especially lanvins. I see why they changed to the new sole, the new ones wont slide and wear out as fast as the 07 joints. Can someone tell me the method they use to preserve the sole, i heard you can use tacks (not sure how that method works) or go to the shoe maker and they put taps on the bottom, ideas are welcomed.


  2. Has anyone seen this pair in the shops yet:

    I am finding it very difficult to track down a pair.


    Check with unusualcodes, he sent me an email of lanvins that he has and will be selling, and i think i saw the ones you are looking for, so check with him.

  3. unusualcodes is a great seller, but again do watch those customs fee's. i got hit with a $110 USD charge for getting it in California, just somthing you have to budget into the price.

    I got hit with a $60 UPS fee, but hey, unusualcode is a cool dude and the shoe was worth it, but i am still pissed at that darn custom fee, that hurts man.

  4. I agree, the fuschia pair is the best but next to them I would have to go with the aw 07 royal blue /mesh white toecap. You can't find these two pair anywhere. Its like they never was released. All you can find is pics and fakes.


    I keep hearing about these royal blue/ mesh lanvin sneakers. Those shoes seem like an urban legend, i have never laid eyes on those shoes, does anyone have a pic of them? man, now those are rare.

  5. give me a couple of days and ill have pics up. do you want the black ones?

    i can show u a pic of mine, i got them from the same place:


    those are sz 8 tho, last one they had :D

    Man, the khaki version to those are on eBay and i am sure they wont hit $700 shipped, for some plain simple black high top, those shoes are super dope, thats a fact, but not worthy of $800, especially when compared to the 08 version in my honest opinion.

  6. dropped by Lanvin today and saw a couple of the FW models. They brought back the FW07-style straps but added a little more to it (the strapped piece covers the back of the shoe and wraps around the front). The SA wouldn't leave me alone so I wasn't able to take a picture, will try again in the next few days. Price on the new collection with straps is 520EUR.

    lots of new lowtops, similar style as last season but new colors. pretty much the same price, mostly around 390-400EUR.

    They also had a pretty weird hitop with some sort of hair on it, wacky and not to mention almost 900EUR.

    I am so elated to hear that the straps are back. I can't wait to see those pictures.

  7. Your so ridiculous.fuck the sneakers.at least the last 2 seasons now have an emphasis on the clothes which deserve more attention-even their dress shoes are nice but dont get much love.

    Im sure Lanvin will rehash the same hitops so the sneaker gimps wont have sleepless nights.

    I understand what you are saying, however, i find the 09 clothes unwearable. Women hats with big bows, flowing pants, women-like blouse shirts, lets be serious now, how many men will really be flocking to the clothing that you know. I won't lie, the 07 and partially the 08 clothing was on point and absolutely marvelous. A lot of attention has been diverted from the clothing due to the sneaker craze, but looking at the 09 line of clothing, can you really blame people like me for totally ignoring the clothing.

  8. As i watch lanvin go down the tubes (in terms of their 09 sneaker line) i can't help but to cry. By the way: If anyone has the black/glitter special editions for sale, please inform me, i would really like to purchase them.

  9. apparently you're not good at spelling, either. Which explains why you're a nurse

    It's kinda tough to say that finance doesn't interest you now when you just said you'd rather talk about stocks

    Hey creep,

    If you live in the U.S. of A and make under 500k a year, you better start paying attention to stocks and the market, that's a fact. Whether you like finance or not, you better start educating yourself about the economy, you would be a fool not to. With the price of oil rising and malpractise fees, i will read the journal everyday as well as the times, not to mention, staying abreast with the bloomburg financial desk. As for you, Bill Gates is your dad, so finances and the economy is something thats not really your forte. I only have 3 last words for you: GET LOST BOZO!

  10. If you knew anything about real finance (outside of watching the bloomberg channel), you'd know that there's no such thing as the Wall Street Financial Times. It's either the Journal or the Financial Times (which is worldwide). keep taking those online investment classes...

    Actually, you are 100% correct, i am not disputing that. However anyone with eyes can see that the post was rushed, i was pressed for time, therefore i did not have time to distinguish and put a slash between wall street and financial times. It takes a very keen eye to pick that up, i am glad you noticed that, that's one thing i like about women, they see everything. As far as finance, i was never good at it in during my undergrad studies, that's why i chose medicine. I never got the hang of wearing suits, i prefer scrubs. Well, thanks for the update and correction, i truly appreciate it.

    Lata Pumkin!

  11. The short of it being you have no real rebuttal to his post. Another internet pseudo-intellectual, another day.

    What is wrong with you females on this forum. I can just picture you right now; your fingers are snapping,the rollers in your hair is wiggeling,you are puffing up your lips, and your legs are crossed to display your lanvins, all while typing on your pc, by the way, your thong is showing. As for the other co-signer, you madam will only get a tip from me: stay away from cross earings, along with spandex and penny loafers.

    BTW: looking for lanvin S07 navy 3/4 trench.

    Lata pumpkin! (thanks for the reminder billy) lol!

  12. pradadaley you are dumb, why are you so pretentious just cuz u wear lanvin, wtf? make no sense... explain to me why they AREN'T like 'silly nike dunk' hello

    As i sit here listening to de la soul and contemplating how to respond to an alley cat as yourself, i realized that this is a shoe forum and nothing more. Sure i can demean you and make you seem like a silly wet troll lurking on a public forum in search of confrontation, but what would be the point of that. The fact of the matter is, if anyone is still dizzy over the lanvin craze, you are nothing but a mere surf to fashion. As i said before, i rather talk about the wall street financial times and the state of the dow jones or S&p 500 than get into a computer confrontation with someone half way around the world.

    Enjoy your day pumkin!

  13. hahaha, drink that koolaid son.

    What makes you think these aren't just expensive Dunks?

    Let me guess, you are one of those people that wears lanvin with a fubu outfit. I think the koolaide is already finished, thanks to individuals like you and the many hypebeats out there. I for one, prefer to drink the koolaide of financial security.



  14. i am seeing wayyyyy to many people wearing lanvin as if it is nike sb, and that really makes me sad. Why in the world would you buy lanvin to wear it as if it is some silly nike dunks. What has fashion gone to, it terms of these hypebeasts? I think someone needs to email the lanvin creative staff and alber and tell them to up the price to maybe $1800, lets see if these maniacs will still buy it then.

  15. I had the no strap high tops and i can attest that if you are a US 10 then you'll want a lanvin 9

    Thanks alot, was just curious, i know i sometimes here different stories concerning size.

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