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  1. been awhile. wasnt too deep into this whole fashion thing like you guys, but it was fun while it lasted. thanks for all the feedback though. :) i still like sneakers tho and ive never given up the japanese hair salon thing.

    nowadays, i build AK47/74's


    what ive built so far:

    Top: bulgarian AK74 with polish underfolder

    Bottom: AK104 clone, from a fixed stock SGL21-61


    Bulgarian AK74


    Currently in progress (just need a couple of more hard to find to-spec parts):



    This one i didnt build, but it is a rework of an sgl31 by a pro. just thought id share it ;)


  2. if someone got it for you they did an ok job, if you bought it you should have got arsenal :)

    be careful with yours and hopefully no KBs


    ya read alot of shit about lancaster: mostly good rifles, crummy customer service, the recall shit earlier this year, etc.. but i decided to take a risk and see for myself being they got some deal going on.

    ya bought this for myself with the xmas money. arsenals are the shit, no question, but i cant justify spending a grand on an AK right now. and if i went that price route, id go with a rock river AR instead.

    maybe in the future perhaps... :)

  3. So I have problems with people judging me for my sexual life. I believe my true self is that of a 1978 Honda Civic. That is who I truly am on the inside, my soul-being. To express this aspect of my personality I draw pictures of myself as an anthropomorphic 1978 Honda Civic and share them with others of my kind. My girlfriend is an 1975 AMC Gremlin, and we are soul-mates. Automobile soul-mates. I communicate with others of my kind mostly through the internet, but sometimes we attend conventions. People persecute us for our true selves. My neighbor threatened to call the cops on me just for talking to his Escort. I'm not even into Fords, but that's besides the point. Just because I AM a car doesn't mean I'm going to have relations with just every car I see. It's not about the sex, though there is a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air I will never forget. You never forget your first. But I'm sick of people saying I'm perverted and wrong, and that I'm not really a car I'm just crazy. They don't understand, I have just as much right to the road as they do. Those assholes at the DMV are the worst, but I'd rather not talk about that ugly incident of carsecution. I have a good mechanic, though. You've never lived until you've had this guy change your oil. It doesn't make me gay, because I'm a Honda, not really a person. Your morality doesn't apply to me. I am a car. Beep beep, mother fucker. Deal with it.

  4. Does not make any sense to buy a Docomo phone if you don't live in Japan.

    The majority of features for these phones are tied to the service provider, so buying one of these phones is a HUGE WASTE OF MONEY.

    You can't use RFID / e-money / SUICA technology, nor any of the streaming services.

    Just buy a fucking iphone, at least you can always upgrade/buy new app software when there is an improvement but with Japanese phones you are locked-in.

    Terrible purchase.

    yeah no shit everything goes thru imode, oneseg only in japan and brazil, bla bla etc.. i dont care because i bought it mainly for the camera, the waterproofing, and the way it looks. if i cared about all that other shit i wouldve gotten a chinese model which is pretty much a software unlockable softbank.

    I want an iphone but it went to the worst Korean cell company for foreigners so we're screwed unless we put down nearly $1k. It's region locked too and from what I hear it's a bitch to unlock it.

    try a hypersim unlock

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