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  1. Balmain Biker Sweatpants Fall / Winter '15 Season Brand new, never worn Size M $500 USD - Need gone asap. Located In Montreal, Canada Quickest way to contact me is via e-mail - bayobond@gmail.com I dont check Sufu so dont expect a response via PM. Thanks for looking.
  2. Dior Homme Denim

    Thanks for the input, guess I will buy a cheaper pair of denim and hem them to said specifications.
  3. Dior Homme Denim

    Too many people selling pairs in here, not enough pictures . . . Im considering hemming my indigo and blacks to a 32, for a cleaner look as I dont like them stacking when Im wearing a dresser shoe. Does anyone have a pair of Diors that a hemmed that look good. Cus Ive seen a couple that dont look that great. Pictures would be great. I was thinking of buy a pair of cheaper jeans and hemming them to a 32 cus I dont know if I could actually hem them.
  4. [FS] VISVIM FBT size 10

    I dont mean to shit on your thread, but they look suspect. The tassles especially.
  5. [WTB] TOJ0 Black/Black - 48 or 50

    bump 10char
  6. TORONTO Meetup

    Best place to get suits chopped to exact measurements?
  7. TORONTO Meetup

    both indigo and black dior jawnz need repairing best place to fix a hole in the crotch: sydney's or studio kim? ive heard that service is terrible at sydneys and studio kim make you wash your jeans which is not happening. any one had experience with either and how much did it cost?
  8. Dior Homme Denim

    Looking for a pair of washed Diors. Something along the lines of UMC's or Clawmarks. Both of my raws are 32 so im guessing a 32 in them would be good.
  9. Dior Homme Denim

    Raw blacks fade like a bitch.
  10. Boots

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  11. Boots

    Wow, too ill, any stores in Toronto or anyplace online?
  12. TORONTO Meetup

    Anyone from Sufu who goes to York, wearing a TOJ varisty today? Asian guy like 5'5. Saw him around a couple times.
  13. Boots

    Was wondering if anyone could give any suggestions. Im looking for a leather boot similiar to the Visvim Folk Virgils, but with a harder sole. The soles on the Visvims I feel will wear down with the way I walk. My redwings and Timberland boots in the past always wear down heavily on the outsides of my heel. The ones posted by bryanayrb are a good start. Im just looking for something in leather, not suede.
  14. Common Projects sneakers

    im not sure if anyone is interested in selling since I haven't seen them in the marketplace but im looking for: white achilles low & black training boots size 44 for a decent price. please pm me, money on hand.