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  1. Best sows I've found on netflix(canada) so far -

    IT crowd

    Little Brittan,

    The Black Donnelys


    The Big C (laura linney)

    The L word (gay)

    rescue me

    the riches

    SNL: the best of christopher walken

    stuff i like -

    Misfits, i know a bunch of people on here used to watch it.

    breaking bad

    game of thrones

    walking dead

    jersey shore

  2. Penfield Hoosac (Fur) - sz. M

    This is a down parka with removable fur hood lining. The Hoosac came in 2 models - faux fur, and real fur. This is the real fur model.

    Bought it last november because I was walking 30 minutes everyday to and from work in cold canadian winter.

    New job, new pad, I probably won't be needing this coat for 2012 winter.


    shoulder 20"

    pit 22.5"

    length down the back 31"

    Tag says M but it fits like a Large imo. The cut is really nice though.

    $200 shipped (coat is big and heavy so I am taking a hit on the shipping)

    Retail was over 400, condition is 9.5/10.




  3. I hate how waitresses always complain to me about shit tips/ the fact that they don't make enough money

    yeah. ok. i get that some people don't tip you properly, but I'm in the kitchen, working my fucking ass off, and you still make twice as much as me, even on a slow night.

  4. 3. Penfield Down Parka (Fur)

    Size M

    shoulder 20"

    pit 22.5"

    length 31"

    $220 shipped

    Fur lining is removable.

    I bought this last winter because I was walking to work on a regular basis. I won't be needing it as much this winter.



    4. APC Petit Standard

    Size 29

    waist 15.5"

    length 34"

    thigh 10.5"

    opening 7"

    $90 shipped

    Fades are just starting to show through in normal light. lots of life left. unhemmed, unripped, etc.




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