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  1. Finally got round to doing some post-wash photos of my 811's. They have been worn pretty much 6 days a week for the last 11months - 3 machine washes and 1 hot soak.





  2. the 0500XX was not "affected" by the sizing issue..should shrink to tagged size...

    Ahhhhh... That's good to know. Its just really wierd how the fit from the knee down is different on everyone. I was hoping to get a fit like findmybetterhalf and HJJ and get a 29" (sizing down 1 and a bit from my true waist) - thoughts?

  3. though they look like different jeans, liking the fit on both.


    Do any 0500 wearers also have a pair of 811's? What sizing difference have you gone for and what kind of fit has it resulted in?

  4. Ctazza, asap has passed. Post the pics.

    Haha..! Sorry its taking a while - a combination of being horribly busy and not having any sun to do some decent pics. I managed to do an ok taster this am just to keep you going... :P


    This is 11 months with 3 machine washes and 1 hot soak. I need to do some more serious repair work on the crotch...

    Kjell - those are looking amazing! How long have you been wearing them and number of washes please

  5. 041208.jpg

    This has confused my size decision even more... I don't understand how a 31" can look thinner than Bhudda's 30"? Bhudda I presume yours are soaked? They just look so much looser than FindMyBetterHalf's.....

  6. Some great looking 0500's on this page - I am persuaded that these will be my next project.

    azn8oi - awsome jeans and they are a great fit. What is your 'normal' size in jeans and your actual waist size.

    mattis - great fades man - are the post-fade pics true colour? They look to have lost a lot of blue in the wash.

  7. Cheers for all the feedback guys. Here are a few fuller shots of the 811's. Its now just under 10 months with two machine washes and one hot soak.



    The colours on these are all pretty true.

    BTW - good luck with the 811's Monook. I hope they fit first time :D

  8. ctazza, nice, can't wait to see more. It looks like you have some stitching coming undone around the crotch. Any repair plans?

    Yeah the crotch is a total mess! I have about 5 patches in there where the denim has worn through to the weft and I've had to re-stitch quite a few of the seams. Once I get to the year mark I'll probably send them away to have the whole crotch lined with a layer of denim and all the seams reinforced. I just wish they used a stronger thread in the first place - kind of life building a house with the strongest rock available and then using choclate for mortar...! :confused:

  9. +++ ALERT +++

    Everyone give up on their 811's now - Sidney has got a pair... No seriously dude they look good.

    braidkid I'll try and get some decent photos in the next few days. Here's a little taster albeit with totaly skewed colours...


  10. Finaly charged up the batteries for my camera today...



    I tried getting some full shots as well but they all looked pretty crappy - these are the hardest jeans to photgraph...

  11. btw is it quite easy to stretch the 811 waist when damp?

    Yeah very easy. Just give it a good pull and stick a hanger in the waist whilst they're drying. They probably give about 1 1/2 inches.

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