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  1. I'm sorry to say it'll never go away fully - although part of me has come to love that about mine now. Whilst it doesn't lie within the rules for the "perfect" fit, I like how it makes a look seem a bit more relaxed. I often wear my 811's with smart shirting or knitwear and shoes and the jeans just seem to make the look mould together rather than looking rigid and forced as it may do with other, more modern fitting jeans. That's just my opinion though - at the end of the day if you don't like the flare then you don't like it...

  2. I'll take some more pictures when I can use a decent camera. Mine was stolen so all I have to use is this old one my parents have.

    Gutted man - looking forward to more photos

  3. any problems with customs at all? ive heard that some people have had to pay quite a bit of customs fees when ordering from 2nd.

    Really? Have there been many cases of this? That's pretty worrying as I was thinking of ordering from them myself...

  4. ctazza what are your future plans, keep on wearing or start on a new pair? I see you wear some jeans that looks pretty new

    Yeah they are by D.I.E. They're a raw black coated denim. They do look pretty new but I've actualy had them a while - they're reserved as smart jeans. Regarding my next pair I think I'll go for a pair of Sam 0500's. I fancy something with a bit more of a taper in the lower leg then my 811's. I wont be getting those for a while until the GBP - Yen exchange rate improves more in my favour so these will get another month or so of wear I think.

  5. Thanks for all your positive comments guys - I'm glad you're enjoying the journey.

    lilldavid I know what you mean - whenever I see well worn jeans by another brand I just want to run out and buy them. However sticking with one pair for such a long time it kind of hurts to give up on them. I now find myself automaticaly putting my 811's on in the morning - I love them so much. I plan to keep with them for probably another month or so before I start a new job when I'll probably get a pair of Sam 0500's.

    In the mean time though here are a few one-year anniversary shots. These have had one soak at 1 month and then 40 degree washes at 3, 6 and 11 months. I agree with the rest of you an I will hold out washing them for the moment until they smell again, although summer shows no sign of rearing its head here so that could be a while!




  6. Tomorrow my 811's will be one year old (which strangely coencides with me finishing uni..!) Thought I would do a few detail shots because I was bored :(



    The last photo really shows how much colour has been lost in the thighs compared to the lower leg. I'm thinking of giving them a super hot wash later this week to get some more colour out.... Thoughts?

  7. Unfortunately that is often the case. However as a reference I take a 29 in new cures and I went for a 31" in the 811 which is a snug but very comfortable fit. I would probably recomend going for that size.

  8. I'm sure they'll look great. There's some pretty serious fades set in already - I really like the wallet fade and where the rivets are taking their toll on the denim. Great fit as well

  9. wow... so you sized up one from you're tag size... I'm just getting more and mre confused by the sizing! How do they fit on the waist? Also I guess that these are part of the tainted batch of Sam's

  10. Its just the crotch/hip/thigh area of the jeans are so weird fo rsome reason. idk..maybe i'll hold onto them for a week ro so and think abotu it.

    possible trade for a pair of Samurai 710BK sz 32? :]

    I think if its how they feel that's bothering you I wouldn't worry about it too much. Cosmetically they look awsome and are a perfect fit and it would seem logical that the feel of the fit will just follow with time. I too have had a few pair of jeans where at first I didn't like the fit but after a few weeks - a month it all just stretches around and fixes itself.

    just my 10 pence worth :P

  11. Awww, they looked really nice on you though.

    Yeah I agree - you probably have one of the best 0500 fits I've seen. If I were you I would definately stick with them... You're call though

  12. Here are fit pics for my 31" Eternals. They have been worn for 11 1/2 months so all the stretching is out the way.



    Measurements are as follows:

    Waist - 31.75 Front rise - 10.75

    Back rise - 15.25

    Thigh (measured from the crotch) - 11.5

    Knee - 8.75

    Hem - 8

    Inseam - 33

    Also worth noting is that these were super tight when I first got them - don't be worried about the pain when you first get your eternals.

  13. Cheers for all the feedback guys. Here are full BiG style measurements (all in inches):

    Waist - 31.75 (31" tagged)

    Front rise - 10.75

    Back rise - 15.25

    Thigh (measured from the crotch) - 11.5

    Knee - 8,75

    Hem - 8

    Inseam - 33

    Hope that is of some help to people. For reference these were super tight when I got them and buttoning them up was pretty hard work. Also the denim was very rough almost to the point of being painful. It also tends to turn everything blue - you have been warned!!!! The denim however is superb - its so hard to get pictures which truely illustrate the quality and texture of it. I would recomend these to anyone.

  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I too am realy happy how they are coming along.

    Very interested in measurements ctazza. Do you remember if original measurements were consistant with BiG's?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure they were on the money when I got them. However before the last wash I went 5 months without any kind of contact with water so I think they could do with a really hpt wash to bring them back into shape. Also, I may be wrong but I can imagine that the more you wash denim and get the startch out the easier it stretches.

    very nice ctazza....i've been following your progression since your first post. I wish more people would give quality updates as you have done.

    Those look like they have tons of life left in them....are you going to pursue them further?

    Glad you've enjoyed the journey so far braidkid. Yeah I think I will keep them going until the end of june, when I finish Uni. However i'm starting to get a bit bored of wearing the same pair of jeans every day of the week. I'm really thinking of getting a pair of Sam 0500's - I need to wait until the pound vs. yen exchange rate tips a bit more in my favour.

    I will do full BiG style measurements later this morning an post them up.

  15. I got time to do some fit pics today as well - 11 1/2 months old with 3 washes. These are 31" waist - my true waist is 30". They've stretched out loads and I probably could have gone true to size. I can do a full set of measurments if people are interested.



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