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  1. ctazza,

    did you go true-to-size or did you size down (how much?)?

    I actualy went up half a size/a size. My waist is just under 30.5" on the hips and I got my 811s in 31 in a one-wash state. My main concern when buying them was the width of the thighs as mine are quite big from cycling and skiing and as I thought they were super tight when I first got them (in my excitement I didn't get chance to measure the waist new!) but they stretched out in a few hours. They waist now measures 32" and they are the most comfortable pair of jeans in the world!

  2. I went for a walk on my day off and thought I would post the results:

    Go out the house


    Down by the river


    Walking along the old walls


    The millenium bridge


    Finally some denim



    Details: Eternal 811 31 waist. About 15 months of constant wear with 4 washes (... I think!).

  3. Yeah they look pretty good - I especialy like the new patch on them.

    On another note is anyone able to comment on the differences between the regular XX and the XX-2? Reading on the Denime store it sounds as though they are made of a different denim...

    Finaly; Mich, what size did you get in your 51s compared to your measured waist size? If you get a second would you mind doing waist thight and hem measurements for me please. Also are they made of the XX denim?

    Many thanks.

  4. Hi all in it came to £167.65 (PayPal rip you off with the exchange rate) and I asked them to mark jeans down to $40 and mark as a gift which they will happily do so you avoid customs charges. I measure about 30 round my natural waist and 31-32 round the hips but I went for a 30 even though these sit on the hips they do stretch a lot.

    Post-soak pics to come later today, they may help you decide.

    Wow they look great post soak. I was surprised how well the leg length fitted you too - are you quite tall? I would be intruiged to know the measurments.

    Yeah you got stung there on the exchange rate. They normaly charge the business rate for transactions however the pound-yen rate is fluctuating so much at the moment which is putting me off slightly. What was the amount in yen before paypal changes it?

  5. Just got my S0500XX's from 2nd. 3 days from Japan to UK that's not bad at all; although I think I've been ripped off they've sent me jeans made out of cardboard! I hope they soften quite a bit.

    Let me know what you think of these fit pics pre-wash, post-wash pics to come soon:

    Looking good there magnetic. Out of interest how much did you pay? I too am thinking of importing some sams to the UK. Also, what size did you go with compared to your normal size?

    Many thanks

  6. Mine are a tagged 31 and I measure roughly a 30 inch waist. Mine were o/w when I got them and were super tight at first, especialy in the waist and thighs. I have posted fit pics after they have stretched out ealier in the thread. They are slim but not tight. To compare these against other companies I am a 29 in APC, 32 in LVC and 30 in Sam's. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for the feedback beatle - I'll get more back pics in a next few days.

  7. 1 year wear, KMW 1980's.

    any advice as to what i should get next? i think i need something a little slimmer.

    I think you might be better of just looking for something with a bit more of a taper from the knee down rather than just slimmer overall. The KMW's look great on you but a pair of jean with a more pronounced taper from the mid thigh/knee would look smarter (I think that might be the look you want). maybe something like new cures, sam 710's or PB- 005 (you seem to be quite tall so these shoud work well with your shape) would give you the look you want.

    Failing that taking any slimish jean to the tailer and getting them to put a taper on the inseem will give the desired effect (and leave your selvedge tracks intact)

    Hope that helps

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