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  1. I actually stopped being such a pencil-necked sissy for once and asked that one Japanese girl I liked out for lunch last week. We spent like 5 hours together. During that time we chatted and I eventually got around to asking her if she has a boyfriend. She said that she does, but she hasn't seen him in 8 months. The guy's Korean and is currently in the Korean military (it's mandatory to serve at least 2 years). And they only get to talk to each other once a week.

    Oh well. Although I like her, I'm content with being her friend.

  2. it's like once you turn 18 (i'm 20) you can't like 17 year olds anymore or something? it's not strange for a 20 year old to like a 17 year old, is it?

    It's ok, i'm 19 but I still jack off to jb nudes from hacked photobucketss

  3. i find self edge as pointless as those kids that wanna save up for marriage,it's like a giant brainwash, how can you say something is not for you if you haven't even tried yet? u can do drugs and drink alcohol and still be in control over your actions.

    i have respect for people that have been into drugs and alcohol and have chose to go SXE because of bad experiences, but for those that have tried nothing, i can only feel sorry for you because you are probably missing more in life that you will ever know.

    I was just answering the question posed in this thread, not like I'm saying being straight edge (haha, "self edge") is the best. Hell, 90% of my friends are stoners and happy, but I just don't feel like getting into it. That's all. If you feel sorry for me for not trying stuff that can possibly cause me to act funny, then feel free. I just don't care for it.


    I guess I'll try to ask her, guys! Would it be a wise choice to call up all 3 of the girls to set up a meet up for the project this weekend, then later on I guess I can offer the JPN chick a ride home or whatever? I barely know her, I hope it is not stalkerish if I do so

    and this shit is college crap by the way. I know, I know, I should've had my fair share of this bs in HS, but nope. :(

  5. Hahaha, I don't know, guys. She's a fob Japanese girl (hell, her e-mail ends in co.jp) and I bet she has some pretty Japanese boyfriend named Shuu or Yusuke or something. I haven't had a solid relationship with a girl for so damn long, I don't know if I can handle being rejected.

    And I'm not too keen on rapeeeee

    or giving her a jizzed on flower pot

    and this stuff reminds me of "train man."

  6. AHAHAHA serious confession

    I was in my Asian history class today and everyone was assigned groups of 4 for a group project due at the end of the semester. I happened to be put into a group with 3 girls. Two of them I didn't care about, but the other girl just seriously made me freak out. She's a japanese girl and she was sitting to my left when we were exchanging our contact info. I couldn't even look at the girl, I kept looking to the side, I didn't want to talk. I was burning up, and my face was turning red. I think I only looked at her once in the face and I just gave her the typical "sup" nod before quickly averting my gaze again.

    I'm extremely, extremely shy and I started to move my desk and seat away from the other girls since we were pretty bunched up. But then the JPN girl scoots closer in my direction and I just couldn't take it anymore. I told them I'd be in the bathroom and I pretty much hid in a stall for the remainder of the class time (~5 mins.) I came back to class to pick up my shit after a majority of the class left.

    I found the girl extremely attractive and I was basically a pussy and ran away. I haven't been attracted to any girl in that way since middle school, so .. yeah. I didn't know how to deal with it. I pretty much suck.

  7. it's a traumatizing experience. i still can't make myself go in a public restroom unless it's a true shitastic emergency.

    Indeed it is. I couldn't help it though, my stomach was really hurting after eating a fruit salad with cottage cheese. It was kind of annoying having to prep the toilet for the misdeed. I had to layer 2 of those protective seat sheets, then I followed up by lining the sheets with a whole bunch of individual TP pieces.

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