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  1. too lazy to take pictures of myself but conveniently street bloggers are out in force in ny, here's the top half of those sized down 1947s.

    You can be honest, you just wanted to post more of the perfecto.

  2. Due to poor middle management and increased stockholder concern, Standard & Poor's has downgraded this pair of

    Sugar Cane Hawaii on Ebay

    to a BBB+/Negative rating. Their assessment would seem to indicate now is not the time to enter the

    Sugar Cane Hawaii on Ebay

    investment market. Perhaps you should discuss this matter further with your broker.

  3. my boys girl cheated on him and just told him the other day after they signed a one year lease.

    We went out last night to get some beezies and i ended up crashing at his house.

    It is now 8:36 and they're having the most awkward/ passive aggressive talk where he's nice but being a dick at the same time. She has all her shit packed and is waiting for her ride so it's like the last convo they'll have living together. I can hear every word of it.

    Awkward as fuck.

    If it really is the last time, he ought to be a bro and tell her to offer you a parting bj, considering her boundaries and all.

    You know what's awkward? If she looks twice and considers.

  4. i think with all that shit going on,

    somehow there would be some kind of sensor mounted to your eyes

    so for whichever screen you are looking at, the sound will play for that screen only

    so i can imagine you doing a somersault with your eyes open and cycling through many "channels" at once

    Make mine porno.

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