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  1. This randomly popped up on my Facebook feed.


    Einstein wore sweatshirts that grew rattier over the years, because wool sweaters made him itch. When his wife, Elsa, “urged him repeatedly to dress up for important company,” wrote one historian, “Einstein quipped that if the important visitors were coming to see him, they’d see him as he was; but if they were coming to see his clothes, Elsa would show them to his wardrobe.”


  2. Those look fantastic. 

    i appreciate it was a long time ago, but do you remember how much they shrank? there was only this pair left- in size 30, which fit me well raw but I suspect I’ll need to avoid water.

  3. I found this pair of Full Counts languishing in the top shelf at Son of a stag. My initial thoughts were perhaps these were wrongly labelled as, detail-wise they're clearly an early 30's style jean rather than a 55', but the inner label states '55 aswell. I've tried to do a search on the style but have come up with nothing apart from links to the SOAS listing. Is anyone able to shed any light on this model??


    Fit pics to follow in due course once i've hemmed them a bit.





  4. New member of the Full count club. Have briefly owned and promptly sold 0105's (way too loose for my scrawny legs) 0108 (too slim- highlighted my scrawny legs) but have just picked up a pair of 1101xx's which i'm pretty damn happy with with. Arc-less and tab-less, which is a shame, but I sewed a tab on for good measure.


    Some before and after pics for comparison...







  5. Couple of nice gifts from the missis...


    1950 Singer 201 that I was given for my 50th birthday, and an old tool chest. From what I understand, these are things that woodwork apprentices would have to make as part of them becoming a qualified carpenter. 

    not sure if that’s actually true, but it’s a nice story. 

    the vase was picked up in an antiques arcade in Margate. I can’t remember who it’s made by, but I’ve always thought it’s a perfect mix of ugly and beautiful.



  6. This picture of me was taken by a photographer called Rebecca Lewis who was going out with my mate at the time. Shes quite well known for photographing subcultures. She was commissioned by Intersection magazine to photograph a low rider convention/show in Bristol and I got the chance to tag along. A great weekend.



  7. Bit late to the party. Some lovely stuff on show


    i bought this artwork off a mate of mine. A fabulous illustrator who drew under the name of Dry British (his Instagram account is still live. Check out his stuff). He very sadly passed away early last year following injuries from a very nasty cycling accident.




  8. Warehouse fans- i'm selling off 2 pairs of the Duck digger 1082 chino's, khaki & beige, both size 32, and also an off-white 3/4 sleeve tee, size medium.

    The chino's have been well worn & washed but with loads of life left. 3/4 top has just been worn a couple of times so is in almost new condition.

    DM for price/measurements if interested.







  9. About to list a stack of sweatshirts on Ebay. DM me if you want first dibs:


    Warehouse oatmeal size 40

    Cushman Burgundy size M

    Cushman oatmeal 'Havana Ducks, S

    Cushman Indy 500 zip front, S (more like XS)

    McCoys Ballpark 'Brooklyn', M

    Pearl Diver 'BHS', Large (fits European medium)

    Barns yellow 'Caro', M

    Barns Blue 'Hartmans'.  38/40

    Green Cheswick 'St Mary's'. M

    Blue Vintage Champion 'John Carrol Blue streaks' L (fits medium)




  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342