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  1. has anyone tried bootcamping windows 8?

    also, i had a windows xp partition that was too small so i removed it using disk utility but i can't get that space back. anyone know how to fix this?

    Should be able to do this from Disk Utility. Select the disk, then the 'partitions tab'. Make sure you hit apply after.


  2. my 2008 MacBook started to act like a Windoze after I installed Lion. I backed up all my media and decided to do a clean install. I can't find my Snow Leopard disc so I found a few guides that show you how to build a Lion bootable DVD. I did that. Disc is verified. I looked at the contents. All a go. I hold C upon boot up to load the DVD, but it after a few minutes on the Apple icon screen with the spinning progress wheel, it goes to the Lion recovery utilities screen. Anyone know what's the issue? Why won't it boot into the DVD?

    Without knowing how you created the DVD, I can't suggest much. Have you tried option booting and selecting the installer? This is how I made my bootable Lion flash drive btw and it has worked fine for several installs.

    dovo, my suggestion is to stay the fuck away from BB's warranties. I've seen the aftermath of plenty of hack job repairs that came out of various Best Buys, and their employees just don't seem to know enough about Macs to make proper recommendations. Even if you buy a computer from Best Buy, if its new in box it'll still be eligible for Apple's extended warranty .

  3. I did 100 push ups last year and my weak girl arms got me through week 4 before I lost interest. If you're reasonably fit and have access to weights, there are probably programs that are more worth your time but its a nice challenge without much of a time commitment. You're a cyclist right? Big part of why that program interested me is because I cycle and my lower body is way out of proportion to my top half. That and I knew it'd be a couple of months before I could join a gym.

  4. http://stronglifts.com/smith-machine-squats-power-rack-free-weights/

    Quick, informative read. Smith machine limits movement to one plane (up and down) which is not the normal movement for a squat, potentially causing back and knee injuries.

    After not squatting for a few years, I thought to try out the smith machine since it seemed safer. I could immediately tell that something didn't feel right and I wasn't comfortable putting up the numbers I'd done in the past. Luckily, on my third trip to the gym some jerk was lounging in the smith machine forcing me back to free weights, and I realized it was the additional range of motion that I'd been missing before. I'd really suggest staying away from the smith for squats, so does your gym have any free weights?

  5. AstroWolf, yes, Snow Leopard is worth it. Browser and plug-in support is being dropped left and right for Tiger. Plus, its just an old operating system and obviously hasn't received updates in a very long time. I've installed SL on original macbooks and noticed increased performance; the OS only requires 1 gb of ram, so you'll be just fine with 2. Plus, if she's got a newer iPod or iPhone that requires iTunes 10 (pretty much anything current generation), its not going to work.

  6. New mbps with thunderbolt are out. SSD has been an optional upgrade for some time but they're still coming stock with 5400 rpm drives.

    While first trying to post this, I got this sweet pop up:


    followed by my computer freezing and my drive very loudly clicking. So I'll offer up Smart Utility as a suggested app download. We all should be backing up anyway, but this is an Apple-approved utility to prove that your drive is failing and can typically get a drive covered under warranty prior to the drive being completely dead.

  7. You're right. They could very easily boot it to an external system and verify the issue then verify it's fixed after replacing the LCD. But they don't have to. Policy is policy and it's there for a reason. Dude can very easily take it to an aasp and they'd fix it and ignore the os but an apple store or the apple depot most likely won't.

    Also if he approached them with the apparent condescension in his post (they shat themselves over Linux), then I wouldn't bother adjusting the rules either.

    DaBest have you spoken with AppleCare? 3 major component replacements are typically enough for a replacement machine. That's fucking rough.

  8. ^ Seriously. I rarely defend the genius bar because from most of my experiences, they're mindless drones, but its policy. The depot will either return your computer not fixed and make them pay shipping or erase the drive. I've had machines returned for stupider things (non-Apple ram... once because we left the case on the machine).

    Also, if you're comfortable enough to swap out the LCD on your 15" (???) macbook, then you should be comfortable (a) connecting it to a monitor and backing it up followed by an erase and install or (B) removing the drive and cloning it to another, then praying that the depotdrone is in a good mood and fixes it despite the OS.

  9. Didn't Iron Man/Tony Stark use the Kor One? I think both designs are cool, but sometimes it's worth the bragging rights to say "I have Iron Man's water bottle."

    I use a Sigg, I have the army one that came with the stainless steel cup around it but managed to loose that... :| I still like it because it's a thinner Sigg though.

    haha this is true. My co-worker and I have actually had this discussion, and my response is 'sure you've got iron man's water bottle. but I've got the bottle that iron man would be using if he lived in the future.'

    My backup water bottle is an older Sigg. Decided I have enough pens, pads, and knives for now so I've been stepping up my edc food and drink game this year.


    lunch box + titanium spork + drinking vessel erryday

    Just need to find a decent replacement to my old coffee/ tea mug.

  10. just copped a kor one

    why not a delta?

    I got my delta a few days before the New Years and its been great. I find the locking function of the cap pretty irritating, so I tend to just close and not lock it if I'm just sitting at my desk. Other than that, the changes they've made are big improvements over the previous design (my coworker has a kor one so I've gotten a good look at it).

  11. hey guys just picked up a macbook (a1181) some of the keys seem to be getting stuck, ( a couple of the function keys ) like youll hear the machine dinging until you press escape to stop it. think its just a matter of cleaning the keys?

    Not sure if you've figured this out already but... most likely not. It can't hurt though. If the keys are actually stuck in the down position, then sure something could be underneath to cause them to stick. If the key is popping up, but the computer is still registering it then its likely an actual hardware problem (messed up keyboard, messed up flexed cable, etc.) Pop up the keys, clean with a dry cloth, make sure that the plastic hinge underneath is still intact and positioned correctly, then put the key back and see if that fixes it.

  12. Currently wearing my Warby Parker Webbs. I've been wearing them daily for about 4 months now. I'm pretty rough on glasses and these are the first in the sub-$100 range that appear capable of meeting my challenges. I actually did a home try-on first to test them out and was blown away by the sturdiness of the frames and beefiness of the hinges. I bought the frames in amber and the color/ pattern is beautiful. I also have a pretty strong prescription but the lenses (hi index add-on) aren't noticeably thick. The anti-scratch and glare coating is also doing its job wonderfully.

    At the time, I was comparing a few of WB's frames to frames from See Eyewear and I didn't see enough of a difference to pay 3x more for See. The only slight problem I'm having is the hinge has become a bit loose on the left side, but that's because I'm constantly removing my glasses using only my left hand. It happens with all my glasses and I'm sure when I get a moment to take them into a shop it will be a quick fix.

  13. I've got the swrve hiding hoodie which may not be the hoodie you're looking at. I can comment on the fit though. Its slim but I'm able to at least wear a tshirt + thermal long sleeve underneath if necessary. The sleeves are also quite long which is nice for my long monkey arms - most shirts rise above my wrists while riding. Longer back than front also so its got full coverage even if I'm in the drops. Its my go to casual cycling shirt in the spring and fall.

    My friend has a Milwaukee hoodie and speaks highly of it. Again for the fit and cycle-friendly features.

  14. Came here to post about smoking in the snow. I live in the south so we don't get it often. Today we got a couple of inches (lol thats a lot in TN and was enough to almost shut the city down). Just got back from walking and smoking in the flurries. Its so quiet and peaceful out.

  15. tylor, I've got the same helmet (but women's version) and second the rec. Very comfortable and well ventilated for the price. I just went to the bike shop and tried on a few helmets from different brands in my price range, and picked the most comfortable and least dorky one I could find.

  16. got hit by a motorist turning into a driveway to the library while I was cruising. Nailed my left side, sent me over the hood, and flew approx. 10 feet. landed on my right side. no brain or back injuries but my left leg from the knee down is on fire and my right shoulder is sore. All in all I was really fucking lucky. Full moon and a well lit street (under 2 street lights where I was hit) and he didn't see me. not sure about my bike, it wasn't pedaling right. really can't wait to see what I feel like tomorrow...

    this is the second time I have been hit in 2 months. Am I doing something wrong? Both times I was hooked as I was following all the laws and not going particularly fast. Lack of a front light could be an issue, but when you are in super well lit places, I feel like even that assumption becomes questionable. Part of it is the city I live in is notorious for bad drivers of all kinds. and not being particularly skilled in riding with bikers, it seems less surprising. either way a helmet might be necessary.

    did you get insurance or contact information from the driver? And yes, if you've been hit twice in 2 months you should be wearing a helmet. Hell, you should be wearing body armor with a bad luck streak like that.

    I'm assuming you didn't collect any info from the driver from your post (mentioning that you're in pain but will see how things are in the morning/ are not in a hospital) so my advice is: 1. get a light 2. if you're ever in a collision of some sort with an automobile in the future, get their insurance info, driver's license, and call the cops. If they don't want to stop, grab their license and call the cops. If you're riding on the road, you have all the rights of a motorized vehicle, and if someone is breaking laws and colliding with you, they should be responsible for damages to your body and your bicycle.

    I've never been hit by a car in the 5 years I've been riding (knock on wood) but the one wreck I've had where I hit my head was enough for me to start wearing a helmet for 90% of rides. I was just heading down the road to grab dinner, less than a few miles, and my pants leg got stuck in my drivetrain. My bike locked up and sent me flying; I landed on my shoulder then cracked my head on asphalt. I'm lucky I just walked away with a concussion and bruised ribs.

  17. any initial thoughts on 10.7?

    does it really signal the end of the windowed interface?

    people seem to be pretty torn on a lot of the new features

    (i.e. app store) and jobs says he wants it to be "Mac OS X meets the iPad"....

    The phrase "OS X meets the iPad" was really frightening to me. I love OS X and i love iOS but from the beginning I've hoped that they would keep the two lines well defined and separate so seeing the app store on OS X doesn't make me too happy. The closed system works well enough on the iphone and ipad so I guess Apple would be silly not to consider moving OS X to a more closed system, but if that does happen I have no doubt that they'd lose me as a customer. Actually I'd probably still buy Macs, but use my Linux boot a lot more.

    Overall I'm kinda underwhelmed by Lion. I really think that the jump from 10.4 to 10.5 was huge (redesigned stacks, dock, menu bar. Cover flow in Finder. Time Machine. Front Row) so I've been a bit disappointed with Snow Leopard and am disappointed with what I've seen of Lion. But hell, they really knocked it out of the park with 10.5 and maybe they've reached the point where all they need to do is introduce one cool feature and some interface tweaks every couple of years. I can't really think of a must have feature that they've skipped out on. I'm not sure this signals the end of the windowed interface; I don't think Apple knows either quite yet. That will probably depend on response once the software has been released. Apple has shown a lot of innovation in moving beyond the traditional window and mouse interface and so far I've enjoyed all of these changes so I'm not too worried.

    Some quick thoughts on new features. App Store: Thank god. I will almost certainly not use this (Apple's app store policies tend to be too restrictive and I'd rather give my money directly to the developer), but daily at work I see apps that are incorrectly installed - dmgs on the desktop, fucking dmgs dragged to the dock, software horribly out of date, applications that have been put in areas other than the 'Applications' folder- so I can see if helping less savvy users. Easily searchable, automatic download and installation, checks for updates = maybe I won't have to help old ladies install Skype or Firefox. Launchpad: Eh I won't use it. I'm too brainwashed by Quicksilver and I rarely ever use the dock anyway. Full screen apps and Mission Control: Yes, pls. I'm glad the green button has finally been given functionality, and as an easily distracted individual, I like the idea of being completed immersed in an app. I really like how multi-touch gestures were incorporated, and I see myself using mission control a lot in the future.

  18. seconding what joelz has said. I've seen plenty of 3GS iPhones running 4.0 and 4.1 with no issue, and all the features are available. A number of my coworkers had problems with 4.0 on the 3G, but downgrading their firmware or updating to 4.1 fixed it.

  19. Got my first pack of Davidoffs this week. Went with the lights. They kinda taste like shit and burn too quick for my tastes. Prefer my American Spirits but the corner store I get smokes from had the davidoffs almost a dollar cheaper than AS so I thought I'd give it a shot.

  20. home, sorry i thought i responded a while back. i definitely don't want to give you the wrong information/ have you waste money, but I work at an authorized apple service center and used to work for apple as a sales jerk. The only time I've run into issues with applecare bought somewhere other than apple or our store is when the customer forgot to register it and they're out of their limited warranty. Then I have to have proof of purchase to make sure that the warranty was purchased within the first year of owning the computer - to keep people from buying the warranty only after they've had issues.

    photography question:

    how good will a new MBP 13" run photoshop cs5 and lightroom? i plan on using it for photography to process raw files from my 40D...and i'm going to use it on an external Dell IPS 23" Monitor when i'm at home

    i'd rather not buy the 15" mbp i5..unless i really have to

    It'll run it though you'll want to add some ram to increase performance. The big thing to consider between the 13 and 15" mbp is that the 13" has an integrated graphics card which might make rendering and processing large files a pain in the ass. imo the 13" mbp is just a pretty macbook with a firewire port. Supposedly the new integrated graphics in the current 13" is a significant performance increase over the last card they were using, but I haven't had an opportunity to test it out. ultimately, its way easier for me to spend your money for you, but I'd opt for the 15".

    I'm able to use ps cs5 and aperture on my c2d macbook pro alright... I get a lot of pinwheels when first opening large files or making big adjustments but its tolerable, and the new 13" has better benchmarks than my old ass computer so its definitely doable.

  21. Thats called LockInfo. Requires jb.

    yup. and its a really easy install. I had it prior to the creator releasing it to cydia so it was free, but now its even easier to put in place. I also had that running on 3.0.1 so you shouldn't have any issues. My current lock screen (which is just a winterboard theme)


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