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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Can anyone tell me if the Field pant stretches out at all? I'm not referring to the stretchiness of the fabric, but more to the overall fit - if it is a snug fit brand new, will it loosen up similar to jeans or other Veilance cotton pants? I purchased both the peat and black, in a 30 and 31. Love them, Great fit, fabric feels super comfortable. Not as baggy as some of the fit pics I saw online were.
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Oh man was hoping not to hear that. I'm being offered a pair as part of a warranty exchange due to fading so may not have a choice in the matter. I'll mention it to them and see if any of the summer versions are still available. Wonder if anyone else has had similar issues with the current season. Want to add that the fading was at least partially my blame and I was still offered an exchange after they inspected them. So my experience with them is extremely positive.
  3. arcteryx veilance

    Probably a bit early to give an answer, but how do you think they will hold up? I am about to grab a new pair of Voronoi AR in soot as well. Currently have last year's AR in peat and black size 30. They are a little too tight in the waist but love the fit in the rest of the leg. I tried the 32 but they were way too big in the leg. Is this year's identical in fit from what you can tell? I'm trying to decide between 30 and 31...
  4. arcteryx veilance

    I have several pairs of Voronoi pants, recently picked up a pair of shorts and pants both in black and both the AR version (stretchy summer weight). The pants are pitch black and the shorts are a dark grey black - basically a black but not solid black. Similar to the non-stretch winter weight black version. I much prefer the dark grey/black. Wonder if perhaps I bought an older version of the black pants? I bought from Grailed so they most likely are. Are the new ones solid black or more like the dark grey/black color?
  5. transaction problems and disputes

    Paypal refunded my money about a week ago. Still haven't heard anything from Zenpete
  6. transaction problems and disputes

    Zenpete sold me a pair of CCP derbies for $900. He gave me a tracking number which I repeatedly told him did not show up on either japanpost or USPS. Last response from him was April 13. I've filed a paypal claim a week ago.
  7. Has anyone received their merchandise from this seller? I paid for the derbies a month ago, was given a tracking number which I have informed the seller numerous times does not show up either on japanpost or USPS and have not received any response from him since April 13. I've emailed him 3 times since then including his paypal email address and just filed a paypal claim.
  8. Iron Heart Jeans

    Just stopped in Self Edge NYC to check out the SEXIH07 overdyed black, was shocked to see a pair in 30 in stock, figured I'd give it a shot. I'm usually a 32 or 31 waist but was able to button these up. Not too tight anywhere for new jeans, fit is great, as long as the waist area stretches a bit they'll be my new daily jeans. I thought these jeans were going to be a very slim fit from the measurements posted on SF but they're more of a straight leg. FYI the measurements listed on SF are accurate (though thigh measures 11.5 on mine not 11.2).
  9. Imperial SEXI08

    If the waist is your only issue you'll be fine. My size 32s measured 34" after a cold soak and a few days wearing. Thighs which were a little too tight at first are perfect now... slim but not too slim.
  10. Imperial SEXI08

    Am wearing them now, going out for a few hours but will get photos up when I get back. I really like the fit post-stretch, they seem slim straight-legged from the knee down, also like the way the stalk. The denim is not so thick that they look awkward at the bottom...these look great long. I had that problem when I tried on those 23oz iron hearts - fit was a great fit but too thick to leave un-hemmed.
  11. Imperial SEXI08

    I picked up a pair in black today, was riding my bike in the area and remembered they were being released today. Made it just after the store opened and was apparently the first person to buy them. I picked up black in size 32 and they fit very well - true to size. Tight but not too tight in the thigh which is often the problem for me. I cold soaked for about an hour, the inseam went down 3" to 36". the water was very blue when I took them out but I guess that's normal? Currently being dried in the sun, should have them on in a few more hours Wanted to also mention I tried them in a 33 and didn't like them. If you want slim fitting jeans and your thighs aren't gigantic I'd say get true to size. The photos of the jeans on Selfedge are tighter looking than what mine look like worn... they look a little bit too tight to me.
  12. Looking for the blazer in post #11 specifically, though I love the whole season. Any retailers still have a decent selection?
  13. Trying to find a few items from the Carpe Diem line, especially the overcoat, size 5, also looking for MA+ linen pants and anything else that might fit I will consider....shoes generally size 45. Just discovered Cycle-two and have been keeping my eye out there and on ebay, unfortuntaly missed a few great things.
  14. Still Sale Thread # 2. new stuff added!

    Still - sent you a pm back
  15. fs: random stuff

    pm'ed you regarding the boots