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  1. sonny


    My Lennard Zinn ti single speed. Started as ss mountain bike, but turned it into street warrior.
  2. sonny

    Movies that Make You Tear Up

    this scene in particular
  3. sonny

    What are you listening at right now

    Damn, been listening to this album for almost 20 years now.
  4. sonny

    3sixteen Jeans

    Just picked these guys up from sesf for repairs. Years old, hella washes, few moped rally's, birth of son, Hame approved.
  5. sonny

    edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    It's a Snody ti elite. thanks!
  6. sonny

    edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    yesterday's pocket dump
  7. sonny

    Post Your Pets!

    Few short clips of my new baby girl Hame.
  8. sonny

    Yoyos, Yoyos, and Yoyos...

    new yoyo blog with some brand spanking new Docpop(the first Self Edge tailor) footage. http://www.yoyoskoots.com
  9. sonny

    Yoyos, Yoyos, and Yoyos...

    TeamCOY meet today, whoo!
  10. sonny

    Yoyos, Yoyos, and Yoyos...

    just got this guy today