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  1. I would've bought some more solid pieces. I mean, obviously rajio and I have different taste, but there would've been a mash of Corbussier pieces and Bauhaus inspired stuff for me.

    speaking of which, went to the Bauhaus exhibit at the MoMA today - highly recommend it to anyone/everyone. I'm gonna go back soon (sup free admission)

  2. went to the dentist today, she told me to say ahhhhhh, then she reached over the other side to get the saliva sucker thingy, she was strugglin to reach it, next thing you know her boob was directly on my mouth.


    A) did you take advantage of this situation

    B ) how big were they

    C) did it progress beyond boob in mouth

    D) pics or it didn't happen.

  3. black dynamite is a really good one

    did you like BADASSSSS!


    mario van peebles is legit

    E: less the thread of movies and more the concept of blaxploitation in the 21st century, sup culture ethnography through film.

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