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  1. i think the program im about to adopt

    ive been running everyday for the past 2 weeks but i think im gonna switch it to

    cardio day: run

    workout day: shoulders/biceps/back/others

    cardio day: run

    work out day: chest triceps and whatnot

    keep that going for a while

    what you guys think?

    you'll find that you need to do legs, so i'd throw that in with the shoulder day, your legs are gonna need it to keep up with the rest of your body.

  2. I dont mean to sound like an asshole, but why would you want a jean like dior when you seem to have a biggish size waist?

    would 21 cms work for someone with a bigger body type?

    no offense taken, but everyone gets the impression that everyone with bigger hips is fat - i'm 6'7" rail thin, so i wear skinny slim jeans, i just need a larger waist because i'm a bigger in terms of height person.

  3. monday thru sunday, usually leaving out 1 or 2 days depending on work/how much sleep i havent gotten/non-work out activities (drinking, music, reading, if i dont feel like busting my ass):

    -3 sets of bicycle crunches


    -warm up on eliptical 15 mins

    -1 set of chin ups (12)

    -upper arms (usually 3 sets)

    -3 sets bench

    -15 mins treadmill

    -crunch machine (100 reps in sets of 25 set to 110 lbs)

    -lower back machine 3 sets @ 195 lbs

    -3 sets on the fly (machine) for arms

    -leg press 3 sets @ 335 lbs

    -stretch/warm down

    i usually never get to all of it, but i do most of it, or at least try too whenever im in the gym.

  4. he's pretty?

    yeah i was gonna say... he's not considered much of a looker. i think theres talent somewhere in him, and the blinding EP shines a bit of light on it - but honestly, he's a trainwreck, and the tabloids love it. but you can't argue that he brought a sort of poise back to rock early on, plus he was and still is fairly fashion forward when he's not junked out. the libertines are known for bringing a certain style of dress back and updating it even further - mod meets punk i've heard it described as - pretty while still dirty and dark. i love the libertines, and DPT and babyshambles have their moments, but there are times when i feel that doherty's talent (albeit hidden and or sedated by heroin) is overshadowed by his relationship with kate moss (who i hate. a lot.). if he could get his act together i'm sure we could see a drastic improvement in all fields from him

  5. some new pics:

    I went to my grandfathers house today. he lived in a really interesting house in the country side; I haven't been to the place in years, maybe two or three times since he died 17 years ago. the house is empty, has barely been checked upon every now and then. my relatives have wanted to keep it because its quite unique and the family also owns the land, but no one has come up for any use for it so the place just is there. I get quite an eerie feeling when I go there since I've been there only a couple of times after he passed away. I can easily see my grandfather sitting in a folding chair on the front yard, the sun was burning so he had a hat made out of a napkin with the corners tied. wandering around there, I cant help but to feel sad that I didn't know him when I was older.


    my grandfather had the same chair, he passed away on sunday. similar house too, post-war modern, with a lot of frank lloyd wright kinda features. good photos - nostalgia always brings a deeper meaning to how you can interpret your own photos and art. feel happy that you knew and loved him regardless, thats how i see it with my grandfather. i loved him to the end, and thats all that matters for me.

  6. back at the beginning of high school my friends and i go one and dubbed it R2D2 (because it looked like one), but the novelty has since worn off. you sorta lose interest in it - i'm big on L's, but i've cut back on my habit so I can make grades...

  7. sidneylo - do you think if i sagged them a bit for the first month or two that they would stretch a little more due to the movement of my hips? cause if i got them in a 34 i'd just wear them a little further down i figure. i just can't seem to get convinced that they will stretch enough to be comfortable - im not opposed to tight, but i dont want to get a man camel toe - you can see where im coming from.

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