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  1. am i the only one whos having trouble following this page on sufu?
  2. ca4la nnine dior guidi ma+
  3. still.... holy crap bet the kids taken some permanent damage.... or never bowled again
  4. i dig the snake skin
  5. first time posting in this thread. my dior silver selvage 2 + years of on n off wear. washed no more than 10 times. with flash room light
  6. lol ur very unpolite gahahaha
  7. y did my post get deleted? everything was covered up!!!
  8. いただきま~す
  9. wts the material of ma+?
  10. everythings tooooo small, especially the dbss...
  11. im the cat some dior n rick n ma+
  12. im the cat some dior n rick n ma+