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  1. EVISU NEEDS TO SEND OUT THE JEANS WE WERE PROMISED!!!!!!! ok... this is a thread to finalise and discuss our project. W30 only. this is not a contest or competition. this has nothing to do with context, self edge, denimbar, etc... so i do not want to see any of that in this thread. this is for the 13 that are participating. tweeds, your help keeping this thread clean would be appreciated. participents: 1. chicken-NYC 2. almond crush-new jersey 3. ddml-philly 4. headtowall-west virginia 5. cheap-jacksonvillle 6. beatle-Germany 7. tg76-London 8. tweeds-singapore 9. ryu-japan 10. red-okinawa 11. digital denim-san fransisco 12. poly800rock-philly 13. miz-NYC right now i am looking to get us a 66(pretty much) cut. think eternal 811 but a touch wider at the knee. also thinking about a custom back pocket...but that is not a sure thing right now.
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