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  1. Goro's

    Have a few pieces all purchased in Japan. L feather $180 each Chain and medicine wheel $750 XL feather with gold heart feather $750 All prices in USD and include postage worldwide Located in Sydney, Australia
  2. wtb: visvim nomads size small

    Mostly looking for black nomads (or grey n(n)) but open to other solids red, navy etc. Please PM me if you have any.
  3. TOJ Baseball Jacket Sz 45/47

    Drop Buy This Now
  4. TOJ Baseball Jacket Sz 45/47

    Price drop Interest but no takers
  5. TOJ Baseball Jacket Sz 45/47

    Bump. Send me an offer.
  6. TOJ Baseball Jacket Sz 45/47

    Bump, Price drop
  7. TOJ Baseball Jacket Sz 45/47

    Temple of Jawnz customized Baseball Jacket Brand new only tried on Beige calf suede with cream solid trim Changes - zip instead of button up and removal of pocket buttons. Location - Sydney, Australia Size - Base 45 with lengths of a 47 My measurements 5'9" 145lb. Actual Measurements P2P - 19.5" Sleeve (from collar) - 30" Front Length - 23" Back Length - 25" Price - US$325 shipped worldwide (+ fees) OBO Australians, please PM.
  8. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    Hey people, looking for some advice on an keychain light, I lost my 4sevens Preon1 but still looking for a AAA light since I have access to those batteries already. Probably looking towards the Preon ReVO, but my main concerns are one hand operation difficulties (I bought a tailclicky for my preon1 because it was pretty hard to use one handed). But points for probably exceed the cons, smaller size, longer runtime, built-in keychain hole/notch. Anyone have any other suggestions around the same pricepoint?
  9. SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    First time experience. Great communication and quick. Will definitely use the service again. Thanks.
  10. australia :: sydney :: shopping

    i thought SP1 no longer had a Tier 0 account.
  11. Dior Homme Denim (FAQ ON FIRST PAGE - read me)

    does dior homme still stock black raw MIJ 19cms similar to those on the first page? im planning to go hk in a few months and thinking of picking a pair up. thanks
  12. australia :: sydney :: shopping

    hey how much are MIJ 19cm raws at assin?
  13. Waffles.fm

    I want one too.
  14. Self Edge X Imperial

    looks like I'm gonna have to pass on these (sadly) my credit card doesn't seem to be going through and i dont have access to a paypal account. and size 29s are going quick.
  15. Self Edge X Imperial

    Can you make a comparison on the waist of these compared to the regular Imperials? I'm a bit confused by the discussion above. Cheers