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  1. Sorry,

    didnt see your question.

    It is the wayfarer he is wearing in the picture.

    can you tell which pair he is wearing in the picture? i cant understand which it is... thanks
  2. "Ordered some sunglasses to me and my girlfriend from OC Shades a week ago and got them today. We both ordered a pair of wayfarer of a bigger model than normal, and then i ordered a pair of 70 (seventes) glasses.

    The wayfarer fits really great and was in the size i had hoped for, the other ones was a little to big for me, both the model and where it sits on the nose, ill see if i get to wear them. The whole ordered ended at 267 (swedish kroner) with freight and all included, which is tottaly okay / acceptable. Highly recommended."

    Thats how i would translate it.

    I am danish though, but i understand most written in swedish.

    well i originally found it through a swedish blog (random):


    translating his description says this...it barely makes sense but apparently he believes they are good quality and recommends it:

    Order any sunglasses to me and mine sweetheart from OC Shades precedence weeks and was getting them today. Wes order cautious one couple wayfarer of few major model than orginalet , late order self also one couple tals brilliance. Wayfarersen am sitting really good and each precise in the magnitude self was hoping on , they second each few welfare superb for me , both to model and there them am sitting on nose , sheep watch if self am arriving uses them somewhat. Heal reservation was landing on kr with freight and all , wholly yoke really. Recommend high!

  3. Hey,

    as i have been making jeans myself I have also spend quite some time researching production possibilites.

    I dont understand why you are not willing to go outside the US.

    The quality basiaclly have nothing to do with the country you choose but more with the company and the specifcation / production sheet you make.

    Because of the massive Chinese invasion on the market, many companies from other countries have lost many orders because of the cheap production costs in China.

    For example many companies in Thailand will accept "small" productions now.

    Also many Eastern european countries are accepting small orders, because they cant compete with China on the price.

    If you dont know a lot about production I would clearly advise to use a production agent that can take care of the production and choose the right company for the job and make sure the quality is up to the specifications and soo on - there is a lot of stuff to take care of.

    The agent will of course set the price a little higher (depending on how many jeans needed - the lower amount the higher the price will be).

    But it will still be cheaper than the prices you mention.

    For an example a standard jean model (could use own cut/model), without any special treatment or wash through an agent should be no more than 16 dollars a pair at 200 pieces (a little higher if only 100 pieces).

    Better denim which is of course wanted here, will of course set the price a little higher.

    Then comes stuff like tags, buttons and zippers if you want anything besides something standard (etc buttons with logo).

    Also normally samples are made and sent to you from the agent for approval before start of production.

    - Find a trustworthy and reliable production agent.

    - Make the cut / model and a detailed specifcation sheet - either make your own in etc autocad or some other format he will accept or find the model they should copy.

    - If you dont have experience with grading, let him handle it as it requires quite some knowledge / experience. The company he chooses probably offers it as a service anyway.

    - Get final price for the specifiations mentioned in the sheet accoring to size of the order, and agree on delivery time and payment details.

    - Get sample and accept if okay and sit back and wait for package.

    When the production company have all material needed for production of the jeans it shouldnt take more than a couple of days for production then the agent will probably go through the production and do a few tests and then a week or two for freight.

    Also you can just get fabric samples from whatever makers you want. Just send the sample and the details to the agent when ordering, then they will sort out all the rest for you instead of you having to calculate the need amount and taking care of shipping and soo on.

    If you find any colour you like (dont have to be any specific type of fabric) just save it and send it to them and they are usually able to find the best match for you in whatever type of fabric you need.

    Just my thoughts.

    Think an agent will be worth the money, and make the project a lot easier, and in the end also both cheaper and with an better outcome.

    Lets say the production costs could be kept at 40 dollars for an example, I think it could be a good idea to set a fixed price at 120 dollars per jean, then it would only take around 33 orders for it to be profitable to have 100 produced instead of only the ordered amount. The profit made from the last 67 pairs could be used as a buffer for later production to make sure no one looses money.

    Martin :)

    ps. personally I would really like some light grey jeans for this summer.

    Maybe a little shiny like the model Tiger of Sweden make called Slimmy which is available in both shiny white and light grey.

    But havent been able to find any fabric I like in the colour soo far, else i would have made myself a pair.

    ...so im going to do the project myself.

    people have been talking about doing this forever and nothing has ever happened. i really want this to happen and it seems like others do too so im going to try to get this shit done. for anyone who doesnt know, i am working on a line of my own so i have all the contacts i need already.

    __this is the run down....

    im hoping that we can get between 40- 100 people for this. im not going to pick anything. i want all the people here to design everything. any type of embroidering and tabs will have to be group voted on after suggestions, as well as a fit. i hope some people will be able to submit some ideas for leather patches and tags so we can use good designs for those too.

    ____payment should be around 90- 135 dollars depending on the denim we use. and heres why...

    -cut and sew will be about 40- 60 depending on exact designs and stitching and whatnot because we will have to do sample prices since it will be such a small number of pairs and i wont settle for anything made outside of the US.

    -patches, tags, tabs, etc will be about 20- 25 all together

    -denim ranges between $3 - 8 per yard and well need about 3 yards each for one pair of selvage jeans.

    -shipping the fabric to me, to the plant, back to me, and to you will be a ton.

    -plus some money for pattern grading and any other little stuff like that.

    _this is the thing... the money would need to get to me beforehand since all of my money now is invested into bills, living, and my personal endeavors. this obviously requires a great deal of trust and if i have to i will give everyone who pays me my full name and address and everyone who paypals me will already have that information as well as the ability to report me and get their money back.

    _also, if i estimate a number and we end up paying less, i will definitely refund you however much it may be. i am not looking to make any money at all off of this (however if anyone wants to add a few dollars to payment I would greatly appreciate it). same goes for going over budget, i hope and expect that everyone will give me the few dollars back seeing as ill have to end up fronting it myself.

    __the return time should be around 1 and a half to a little under 2 months assuming everything goes as planned and i get paid by everybody on time. this probably wont happen perfectly as planned so im going to say a good time to shoot for should be a little over two months - 2 and a half. i will keep everyone updated as people get back to me and i get information from the mill, ups, full service facility, patch and tag makers, etc.

    __i would like to start ASAP because i leave for tour with my band in a little over a month. depending on how that goes i will probably need payment either right before or right after (early/mid july or mid/ late august). if i get payment beforehand i will be able to work with everyone from the road. i have an internet capable pocket pc and will be around computers most days so i dont think this will effect much besides the handling. as far as that goes, i have a close friend and some family who is more than willing to do all the handling and whatnot.

    ____options/ ideas for denim are as follows.....

    -some things from cone that i have samples of lying in my basement (first batch of pictures. sorry for the bad quality, theyre from a phone. ill get better pictures soon).

    -some things from a thai mill that i have pictures and swatches of (batch two of pictures. i dont see anything too great in most of these).

    -ive recently acquired contacts for kaihara and kuroki ( i assume this is what everyone will be wanting so give me some ideas as far as denim type and ill see what i can get).

    (picture batches are in the following posts...)

    please remember everything i am showing you are just ideas and i am open to finding whatever denim that would be wanted.

    i am super excited for this. i would love for everyone to post ideas and information whenever they can, as i will be doing the same. i plan on making a ton of updates.

    i am so happy that all these other projects are going on and if this happens it will make me that much more ecstatic to be be a part of this board and community.

  4. Anyone have any experience with Yoox return service ?

    Anyone had problems with returning items ?

    Thinking about buying some stuff but i am not sure if the sizes are right, soo i thought about just ordering different sizes and then return what i cant fit.

  5. Hey,

    anyone who can help me with who makes these braclets on the picture posted below ?

    I have wrote diabro.net and asked but they say it is the models own bracelets.




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