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  1. hey been out of the denim game for a while. i got a black dior jean about 5 years ago when heidi sleman (or whatever his name is) still work at dior. is the design different now or is it the same? i heard dior jean isn't hype anymore since he left.

  2. went to holt the other day and couldn't find any jack purcell's. some du told me holt doesn't carry jack's cuz it's not designer... now i might have to go all the way to gravity pope in kits for a pair. why is jack purcell's not popular in van lol.

  3. also does anyone know where to cop jack purcell shoe in van? the pair i got from hong kong is about to worn out. it's weird cuz there're jack purcell's everywhere in hong kong but i can only find converse all-star in van.

  4. also does anyone know where to cop jack purcell shoe in vancouver? the pair i got from hong kong is about to be worn out. it's weird cuz there are jack purcells everywhere in hong kong but i can only find converse all star in van.

  5. nah they don't check for age in kabukicho, and if you mention that you're half jap then it's all good.

    i would also go to club atom in shibuya on the weekend, it doesn't close 'till 6am. there's 3 floors and a lot of garyu girls in there. they might check id though.

    other than that i'd just hang around shinjuku,harajuku, shibuya and holla at jbeezies.

  6. ^^go to kiss and touch places in kabukicho at shinjuku station east exit... the best one is called mushashi i think. you can get free beer and make out/ grope jbeezies for $75 for 45 minutes. but watch out/ignore any nigerians or scouts that approach you. they just gonna rip you off so bad you got no idea before it's too late. i'm serious man, be super duper cautious of nigerian and scouts no matter how good it seem, and do not spend more than 100 bucks.

    edit: sups mr.e

  7. yo guys it seems like most of my favorite posters on this board is banned and i need your help. can someone plz pm me jmatsu's facebook screen-name since i want to keep in touch with him since he's my fav poster on here. and his others accounts that he created on here recently too if you don't mind. thanks.

  8. yo guys i'm looking for a cool jacket but don't know what's hip these days. i check out zara and saw a bunch of military style jacket but i heard those are out of style.

    what cool jacket does guy in japland wear now?

    edit: i'm gonna go with a bomber jacket, too bad there's no uniqlo where i live.

    and trying to paid for sex in tokyo is the worst thing u can do there unless u got the inside scoop on soapland spots and shit. there're much cheaper places in asia.

  9. i was wondering why your nick looked familiar thewindsong but then i realized you were that creepy fuck voyeur. so not only are you a loser you look like one too. nice.

    at least i'm not a bird voyeur u dork.

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