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  1. the end up.
  2. not particularly into their designs, but quality-wise, i'd put them over h&m which everyone seems to fawn over. both offer decent looking pieces that will last a month for a reasonable price.
  3. I do the same as Landy, just get whatever jeans i like (currently working on slim jim dry japans) and get them hemmed, but not as short as i would with a pair of prewash. 5'6" as well.
  4. the endup.
  5. If you haven't booked your hotel yet, I'd definitely recommend hotel anne ma soeur anne. Very cool little hotel on St. Denis in the Plateau. Close to Quartier Latin & St. Laurent. I don't know what their prices are these days, but it was like $90 CAD when I stayed there 3 years ago.
  6. Dukes for me or jeans for the fiancee, tough decision. Fortunately for everyone else, my bad luck is apparently at an all-time high.
  7. This thread is useless without sounds. Gui Boratto - Live @ Kompakt Labelnight 11 16-Mar-2007.mp3
  8. i do like some of it, but overall, minimal is played out as hell. i've always liked it in moderation, but these days, so many dj's (big and small-time) have jumped on the bandwagon that I'm just burnt out on it. That said, huge Booka Shade fan. Also love the stuff Gui Boratto has been putting out, M.A.N.D.Y., agree on Aural Distortion, Gabriel Ananda, Trentemoller, etc.
  9. highly recommend playa del carmen. not as touristy as many of the others mentioned, great beaches, restaurants, bars, and clubs. it's the most cosmopolitan beach town i've been to in mexico. if you go, stay in the city, avenida de cinco is very cool. i've never understood why people travel so far to be stuck in a resort the whole time. //first post