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  1. CapitalH

    Favorite VANS shoes

    I love my grey prision issues. I bought them like 2 years ago and they're all beat up now, but I think they go with everything and they're the most comfortable shoes I've had in a really long time.
  2. CapitalH

    usa :: san francisco :: general

    I'm going to San Francisco for spring break and I really wanted to know where the best places to visit are. I know there are touristy things to do, but where are the MUST GO TO stores and restaurants that might not be featured on this site? I always like to get the opinions of people who have actually been there instead of just going by books or the internet. And also here's a weird question... is it ok to take my laptop backpack around with me or do you think the stores wouldn't want to let someone in with a backpack on? I have to pre-reg for school online and for some reason it's during spring break this year.