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  1. I can chime in here a bit on the Gore film-out products although my experience is limited to the ultralight woven backer version.

    Definitely had people comment on it looking like leather. My experience however is that with with wear the film takes on more and more of a sheen resulting in a somewhat "black garbage bag" like appearance. 

    It's noticeably breathable. I've never been one for cycle commuting in a gore jacket, but this worked well.

    It's fragile, at least the ultralight woven backer version, can't speak for the fleece backers used on the ACR projects. It may be that most the structure and strength of the textile comes from the backer fabric. So I'm keen to hear feedback from anyone who picks up one of these pieces.

  2. 13 hours ago, AnomalousTautology said:


    Thoughts? Real? 


    Wow, surprised to see anyone is actually making fakes. The Dyadic never came in heather as far as I know, thats a dead giveaway. Also the Arc'teryx outdoor packaging.

    9 hours ago, matthewcng said:


    Have you guys seen the contrasting colour on the belt loop on the voronoi before?

    These look like they could be prototype or construction sample which often don't use correct trim colors, especially since the size is 33, which used to be the sample size for pants. These are never intended for the public and likely not covered by warranty. 

  3. 1 hour ago, SuE said:

    Legit check, anyone?


    Wow, first fake veilance I've ever seen. Not actually a fake, I suppose, since veilance never made a model that looks just like this. Looks like some other brands product with what looks like a veilance label.

  4. Not sure how recent this is but just noticed that Nike's Canadian site now has Nikelab and the ACG collection. No Alpine Jackets left but looked like plenty of other stuff including the pants. Hope that helps any other Canadians who have trouble tracking the stuff down.

  5. Was just skimming through the veilance site and noticed this comment in the description of the Partition AR coat:

    " but now now in an unassuming cotton-faced GORE-TEX® fabric"


    Can anyone confirm that has seen the fw16 version in person that it is a different face fabric from previous seasons?



    That is a copy error. Thanks for calling it out I'll see that it's corrected.


    Inkinsurgent is correct, the Partition AR and the Galvanic both have a 100% nylon face.

  6. Goretex pants are very uncomfortable to wear all day long unless you are 100% outside.


    Not saying I disagree completely, but interested to know what Gore-Tex pants you've worn inside in and in what conditions (i.e. office environment)? 

  7. Thought the thread would be interested in this, Gore-Tex has recently released a pretty interesting new textile, bizarrely called Gore Active but completely unlike the previous Gore active products. What makes this product interesting is that is completely skips the face fabric and exposes the membrane as the outer surface while bonding a woven backer on the inside like a conventional 3L product. The result is a fabric that is not only ultralight and waterproof but completely hydrophobic and doesn't rely on DWR. It can't get wet and it doesn't wear away like DWR. Essentially, you can come out a rain storm, shake your coat off and it's bone dry. Unfortunately, it's pretty fragile and and thus best suited as an emergency shell or for very specific end uses. Arc'teryx is using it on a running specific jacket as is The North Face


    Pretty interesting potential applications for this textile though, imagine something like an Acronym WS-J25 but half the size packed down and waterproof. 

  8. I asked why they did that at the ACG showroom and they said they had to put it on there because otherwise it would be just another gore-tex jacket.



    Wow, someone related to the sales of this line said that to a customer? 

  9. Can any arcteryx gurus help me out with naming the model of this jacket / softshell ?






    Based on the zippers, I'd say that's a fake. If you email Arc'teryx customer service they can help you confirm it's authenticity. 

  10. Anyone know of a nice insulation layer, preferably full-zip, that uses Polartec Alpha?  Or maybe even a vest?  Dark, neutral color (black, navy, grey), and won't break the bank (< $200 too much to ask for?).  Doesn't really need a super nice/well-treated face to deal with elements, as main use will be as insulation under a GTX shell.


    Reigning Champ has some Alpha insulated pieces this season that might interest you. Prices are in CAD and the exchange rate to US is very favourable right now.


    Haven't handled the pieces, but RC is consistently high quality.

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