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  1. ^^^

    Yeah, they do, but go to their website, log in and check your order status, it should be there as well.

    either i'm blind, or it's not there. all it says is shipped :confused:

    edit: nevermind finally found it. thanks!

  2. I'm usually a size 28. I think my waist has grown a little since i last measured because my size 28's SDA 103s are size 28 and i can't even button up the last button. I've washed them and tumble dried them twice, and they're not stretching out . Anyways, i bought a pair of dubbleworks 660 off of BiG during their 5 hour sale, and got it in 28. Measured size pre-wash is 31. I'm afraid these might be to big on me, as i remember seeing somewhere to size down 3 or 4 :confused:

  3. just bought a pair of samurai s0500xx size 28 on there :).. good price.. hope it'll fit properly.. since i'm a true 28-29 and i normally wear 29 or 30 =/

    so it was you who got it! damnit :P. Had it in my cart, went back, then they were gone :(

  4. Thats heaps shit mate..

    How would you say the primary compared to the RM personaly?

    I don't own a RM. It's RRC, which is under the RM company, but made in i believe chinaland. It's one third of the price of RM, and its really good quality in my opinion. To be honest, the Primary doesn't compare but it's still decent.

  5. ^^After confirmation email or anything for 2+ weeks? Anyone would have just assumed they didn't send it.

    Like I did :mad:. What made matters worse was how they dealt with the shipping. they didn't send me a tracking number, which is why i assumed they would never send it. Then when they finally sent it, they sent it to the wrong fucking province/city. So i had to pay an additional tax that doesn't even apply to me.

  6. Hard to really tell without seeing it in person...but its definitely not redmoon, that's for sure.

    The leather feels a little...meh, but other than that there's nothing really wrong with quality. Although, I can see some differences between the RRC and the Primary. I should have just waited -__-.

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