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  1. For Sale

    $300->->->$250 shipped in CONUS

    A pair of lightly worn White's Bounty Hunter boots, specs and pics below.

    (credit Baker's for the custom make-up and spec list)

    Counter Leather Dark Brown Water Buffalo, Celastic Toe Box No Thanks, Height 8", Midsole Single, Last Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter), Steel Toe No Thanks, Upper (Shaft) Leather Dark Brown Water Buffalo, Toe Cap No Thanks, Toe Vamp Leather Dark Brown Water Buffalo, Top Cut Top (standard), Hardware Brass Eyes & Hooks, Leather Liner Brown, Size - Width D (medium), Lace Design Plain Toe, Sole Vibram 700, Toe Cap Leather Color Does not apply, Edge Brown, Size - Length 10

    These boots have approximately one week of honest wear on them and have years of service left. Come with original box, both leather and cord laces, and matching leather kilties (lace protectors). I am regretfully parting with them to help fund other summer activities.

    please email or post in this thread if interested

    [email protected]







  2. I agree with coleslaw. However, and this is not directed at HH or anyone in particular, but just a general comment for those purchasing a pair of White's, Wesco's, Nick's etc. It should be kept in mind that these are not walking shoes. That is not to say that they should not be comfortable. Just wanted to emphasize that work boots are designed to help the wearer support the weight of, for instance, an unwieldy chainsaw with a 36" bar on a 2:1 slope, or 30lbs worth of crap stuffed into the tool bags strapped around your shoulders/waist. While the SD is not by any means a work boot, it offers similar support, as it was offered to guys who were already accustomed to wearing their SJs all day long, but whose wives would refuse to go out to dinner with them in 'those beat up old things.'

  3. The heel on White's boots is probably THE most important and distinguishing feature. The "reality of what these boots are all about" is functional footwear for men who work on their feet all day (e.g. firemen, loggers, construction workers, ranchers). They are designed to more appropriately distribute the weight of the upper body to the weight bearing bones of the legs and improve arch support, per White's patented Arch Ease. I doubt you would describe most of the guys who have been wearing these boots for years as "feminine."

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    $US 342