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    kopped this last weekend.. was lucky <3
  2. waywt? saved my life

  3. waywt? saved my life

  4. sold..cant believe..thx ^
  5. nearly broke.. looking for a quick sale for SOLD shipped via air mail. size 28 those are from 2005 aw very very new this pair as in the pic below: i am sorry that i dont have a camera now so cant take pics of the jeans. first pay first get reply this thread if u have paid. thx !! --------------------------------- edited: leg openings are 17 cm not 19cm
  6. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    nice matt robertcarywilliams deep v / jg / vintage
  7. FS: Undercover Hat

    purchased from Richardkidd in 2006. hardly worn. paid like around 700 CAD after 30% off plus tax. hat is in decent condition since i usually dont wear hats outside. i would rate it 9.8/10 at least. the hat is hand made and 100% rabbit fur,made in Czech Republic. 19.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 17 cm(height) series no. 5A607-L M the inside circumference is 57-58.5cm.roughly asking for : 425 USD shipped by EMS with tracking. my old fit in the hat
  8. FS: Hediors NOoo. Sales.

  9. waywt? saved my life

    ^ haha appreciated all your comments. i really like the bag no matter how i get looks from others on streets. maybe i will wear this yellow monster all along this summer. ^ ^
  10. waywt? saved my life

    Petar Petrov / Petar Petrov / DH
  11. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    oh summmmerrrrr.. Petar Petrov / Petar Petrov / DH + some yellow thing
  12. waywt? saved my life

  13. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    ^ cant wait to get mine.. ^ ^ JG / JG / JG / Ann
  14. IC: Dior Homme 05AW Gold Heels

    price added