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    Post your DUCKS!

    OK, so I could have sworn that I saw a thread of this nature a few years ago, but neither the search function nor my looking through dozens of pages, could unearth it. So mods.... If there is one, please add my post to it.... Since there seems to be so much caramel love here, in so many different brands, I thought it would be rad to see everything in one threak... So I'll start off. My oldest - Carhartt double front loggers pants, probably going on 10 years, with the history of our reno's splattered on them: My SDA's, probably 4-5 years old: IH800: Carhartt Ropers: Family portrait: My oldest pair used to be the same color as the Ropers.... Also have a Carhartt hooded/lined work jacket: So c'mon! Let's see your ducks! Jeans, workpants, jackets, whatever! Edit: apologies for the sizing - photobucket is acting up again....
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