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  1. alot of the time it just feels like these people like the idea of the act of eating / drinking certain foods more than the food itself if that makes any sense


    I think eating a certain food to brandish a lifestyle or image might be what certain extremists do for particular situations. But in general, food preference (especially for tasty things) is an honest endeavor. 


    I don't have to eat a burger every frickin day, but there are definitely levels to this shit and if you haven't had a burger that made you suddenly feel like you were wasting money at inferior joints, then you might just live in an unfortunate area. 


    Fuck Nas in general as well, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most over-acclaimed rapper ever


    wud love to hear your opinion on rap music you hate beyond "it sucks" 

  3. She works in Nanjing, but those two weeks are her break so I'm meeting up with her in Japan. So unfortunately, she doesn't have any friends in jp. 


    I don't have a frame of reference so I don't think i'll mind the hecticness. If it's that bad I can just lay low for a lil bit. 


    Would be delighted to meet up with any of you if schedules permit (and you feel like meeting a random 23 y/o from LA)! Currently looking into places to stay in Shibuya and Roppongi

  4. yeaaaaaah i knew this goin in, but that's the only time I get to see my lady so I think i'll live. 


    more importantly, how should i spend my time then? I'm arriving on may 4th

  5. idk if that picture really encapsulates the hate about macklemore you're talking about. i think Denton is trying to point out that the picture just pokes fun at his herb-ness vs errbody else who has a mug shot and not a race thing since eminem's in it 


    more importantly, your opinion on this whole thing is kinda invalid since you don't see the appeal of kendrick lamar lol. 

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