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    I'm not sure being fiscally irresponsible was his point. I think he was just saying that if you make having nice things a priority, you'll find a way to get those nice things. Same way a kid in high school who doesn't work finds ways to get his jordans. 


    Whether it's right or wrong to live beyond your means in a single facet of your life (like clothes, or having a mild social life) is something else I guess.

  2. Hey all. Are there any pics floating around of this season's indigo 101 or has anyone seen it already? Tryna get a sense of how dark it is compared to previous seasons. 

  3. i hate dirty bathrooms. not that I have a problem using them, but when I'm in them I can't keep myself from having gross thoughts such as licking the moldy corners or getting my socks soaked in the pipe water that's pooled around the base of the toilet. it's like a bruise you have to keep pressing. 


    is this normal or nah

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