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  1. was riding with my pal and his family.  was sitting in the backseat with his kid (he was driving his wife beside him). wasn't a short drive and i was bored.  so i caught a fart and in my hand and shoved it in my friend's kid's face.  fuckin kid threw up in the car. he started crying and screaming. needless to say shit was pretty awkward when my friend asked me what happened. 



    I laughed at this shit but....



    Went drinking with a friend and got really wasted. She slept over and woke up next morning super hungover. She wasn't using the blanket at the time and i farted something super hot and silent. Few seconds pass, she creeps under the covers, catches a whiff and throws up. Good thing it was just water. 


    Would be extremely awkward if this was a stranger, but shes really close to me so i walked away with a few shreds of dignity. 

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