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  1. I kind of want a jumpsuit. A glittery one.

    I had a glitter fight in my room weeks ago, did you know glitter is probably the most powerful substance in the universe? It is all over everything and when i think it is all gone more just appears from seemingly nowhere.

    All my clothes are glittery. :confused:

  2. ERGHHHHHHH. Just got these TODAY, and they are dope as a motherfucker but like i always do i fucked up the sizing...... I have already requested my proxy get me a pair in size 2. So i am eager to to atleast make some of my money back quickly.

    These are best for a US 11 -12 in terms on sizing.

    Totally unworn, brand new with the box. All BLACKKKKK.


    Not my own pics, but if anyone wants me too i can take some - they are totally brand new though.






    here i am in my size 2's.

    Please buy these, i have spent all my money!! :o

  3. Dunno how many of you have seen this, but i thought it was pretty hilarious... only posting it here because i think only we would understand why.

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  5. I probably shouldn't of worn the necklace and viscose tee underneath cos i guess it makes the whole thing look too Rickowensfashionygothpreciousdrape boy and thats why dudes don't think the sneakers work and obviously wanna see some designer sneaker jawnz. But i like the way AF1's look, especially with those pants.

  6. Got the all blacks in Size 3, just paid retail which was like ¥39,900, i haven't got them yet but i will post some pics when i do.

    Funny story, there is a dude i know who just dresses in that thrash metal steez...5123_photo.jpg

    Well he just got some fake all white RO hightops, totally sets the look off. Haha!

  7. Just about to order a bunch of basics from Uniqlo, would love to see one in Australia soooo much. Also getting some DBSS studded hi-tops sent over with the order from my proxy. Feels so good to just say fuck it and cop them, wanted them ever since i first saw them; never thought i would actually find funds though.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342