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  1. Just picked up a bottle of CDG Man2 and it is nicee :). Probably gonna try and get a bottle of Colonia Intensa next. I sampled it at a store the other day and I absolutely love it. The dry down was amazing.

  2. @neonnecko those knives and beautiful, too bad I have no reason to use a knife :/

    Thanks man! There are plenty of good reasons to carry a knife...probably less reasons when your 15 y/o though(I've carried a blade(SAK) since I was 10, so it really just depends on your individual needs).


  3. effing beautiful man...if you dont mind me asking

    did you get that TAD direct or did you get it on the secondary market?

    i can imagine that if you got it secondary it cost you quite the pretty penny

    either way its bad ass!

    Thanks man! I was lucky enough to score one of these directly from TAD. I know what you mean though. The secondary market pricing on TAD knives can be insane! I can't pay those overly optimistic asking prices! Would gladly pay retail however. ^.^

    Here it is with my very first Strider!


    Man those Jeremy Robertson blades look fantastic! I definitely need to look into those again later :)

  4. It is definitely a handful...I think there was fewer than 10 made, and they sold out in about 15 seconds. I haven't used mine yet, just getting a feel for it, to make sure I will use it, if not I'll try and trade it. I really want a cqc-6.,,

    Man I'm right there with you on that one. A CQC-6 with custom grind is my holy grail. Unfortunately I'll probably never own one unless I happen to win a lottery to buy it direct.

  5. It still looks like new because it's silver. These colored ones are annodized, so after a few weeks of bumping into this flashlight there's a good deal of silver starting to show through as the anno wears off the raised parts. This photo was taken when it was new.

    I made a good choice then ;). Mine rarely gets used anyhow. I usually have a better blade to cut with.

  6. A little late, but I went to the Blade show here in Atlanta as well. I picked up a D25A Ti and a Swiss Bianco Alox Rambler SAK, which was the last one of their small batch in this color. I also picked up a DMT sharpening stone. I'll come better prepared to buy a fancy new knife next year. Soooo many beautiful knives at that show. bladegasm.


    I wish I could've went to Blade. I'm sure it was a fun time!

    Alox scales are definitely the way to go! I've got an +B silver Alox Minichamp and it still looks like new. So much nicer and thinner then the regular 'cellidor' scales(if you can sacrifice the toothpick & crappy tweezers)!

  7. Do you actually use any of those Atwood tools? Seems like a multitool would be easier.

    I use the one I'm carrying on me all the time! Mostly as a bottle opener but I've actually used the flathead/pry-tip on multiple occasions. The Superbug I have has the added benefit of philips screwdriver or whatever hex bit I decide to put on there.

    Multitools are also great and extremely functional! I've used everything from the Leatherman Micra(keep a full sized Juice in my pack) to a Victorinox Minichamp. But the Atwoods work well for me since I don't want/need another sharp on me. I usually have two so carrying a third may be overkill. Atwoods are small/lightweight/and usually multifunctional so carrying one really isn't a problem as they aren't very obtrusive. Still...Atwoods are not for everybody, but thats a great thing about EDC, its custom tuned to your personal preferences and there's an endless amount of options :). Not trying to convince anyone here to buy them, I just like sharing photos I've taken and Atwoods happen to be my latest interest.

    Heres the latest Atwood acquisition. I had to sacrifice 2/3 of my collection to get this piece but I've always wanted a Ghost.


  8. So I somehow managed to accidentally stumble across one of Peter Atwood's sales almost three days after all the stock had sold out. Snapped up a Wrunt quick-smart. Against all my expectations, it arrived today. Pretty pleased with myself.

    Nice!! After the sale was over?! I never catch any of those! I did catch the last 3 sales when they went live though(friends ;)).

    I love the Wrunt(mines the one with the red lanyard)! Its a great size for the keychain and the Raw Bar texture means it'll look new...for a long time.


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