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    • Paypal only.
    • Prices are in U.S. Dollars
    • U.S. shipping added to prices. For international shipping, please inquire via PM.
    • +%4 Paypal fee has been added to prices already.
    • If you have an offer, feel free to PM me.


    Left item: H&M hoodie from Divided line.

    • Small
    • Height: 68cm
    • Pit to Pit: 48cm
    • Shoulder to Shoulder: 44cm
    • Washed twice, worn a few times, but in great condition.
    • No stains or holes.
    • $21+$9 USPS Priority Mail

    Right item: H&M L.O.G.G L/S shirt.

    • Height: 70cm
    • Pit to Pit: 50cm
    • Shoulder to Shoulder: 44cm
    • Washed once, in great condition.
    • No stains or holes.
    • Has green stitching on the sides as seen on the picture below.
    • $10+$5 USPS Priority Mail


  1. Hello all,

    For sale here is a green Kangol messenger bag I bought a few years ago. It is actually a large bag that is worn folded in half but it can be worn unfolded if desired. It is made of nylon and polyester(?). There's a small pocket on the side which has its lining torn and there's a stain below that pocket. Great for carrying an extra sweater or books

    -Condition 6/10

    -55cm x 43cm unfolded

    -28cm x 43cm folded

    -$20 shipped in the U.S. only

    -Paypal only


    More pics:

    http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/csulbcarl/P1010003.jpg Front

    http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/csulbcarl/P1010004.jpg Back

    http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/csulbcarl/P1010007.jpg Unfolded

    http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/csulbcarl/P1010008.jpg Small pocket torn lining

    http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/csulbcarl/P1010009.jpg Inside lining

    http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/csulbcarl/P1010012.jpg Size comparison

  2. Felt like taking the camera out last night.

    First I went to my local junior college stadium parking lot.


    Then I went to the nearby Boeing parking structure on the top floor. Found an abandoned lawn chair nearby. Used it.


    Had the camera on top of my car, almost dropped it as I was trying to place it on top. I need a tripod.


    Opening Ceremony




  3. "If you don't ask, the answer will always be no."

    "Locks don't really lock anything up except keep an honest person honest. Theives will break the lock anyway since they are dishonest to begin with."

    "There's what you have and what people think you have."

  4. As the spring semester ends (in my university) in three weeks and have one more semester to graduate, I've encountered many types professors. I've had my share of great professors that inspired me, but the bad professors stuck out the most. Here's my list:

    • Tenured professors- You would think tenured professors are tenured for a reason since they were great professors. Having a "job for life" at the university, they don't care if you get the material or not and their lectures are very unclear. Also, if you try to ask them a question they will mumble their answer, having you to ask him/her again after class and still get an unclear answer.
    • Egocentric professors- They think they're right and your wrong. You try to ask why, they say your "out-of-order."
    • Professors that tells off every person that comes through the door late-... even if it's twenty people. For every person that he/she tells off, class time is wasted little by little and throws off the class flow.
    • Off-topic ones- I don't want to hear you sing and play the guitar in physics class about your dog for five minutes (this really did happen).

    I know I missed a few, but you have any that you would like to share?

  5. In 6th grade of middle school, I broke my jaw while I playing sports. I kneed myself in the jaw while trying to go under a hurdle and I didn't know I broke it until my jaw kept unhidging itself on the right side making a clicking noise each time I open my mouth. I didn't go to the doctor or tell my parents but everything fixed itself... six years later.

    Also, I had a staple go through my thumb while trying to take it off with my bare fingers.

    Yeah... stupid times.

  6. First WAYWT pic. Grainy picture... I'm still looking for my remote control for the camera.


    Jacket- Windbreaker (seriously)

    Shirt- AA

    Belt- Levi's (not shown)

    Jeans- Cheap Monday OD Black Tight

    Shoes- Vans Prison Issues low

    Background- bunch of anime statues, figures, poster, unopened boxes of figures...

  7. My response to this thread topic:

    If I find a certain piece of "expensive designer clothing" that looks good, I'll buy it only if I like it so much and if it's worth that X amount of dollars or whatever currency. But, I'll look into other cheaper priced brands that have the same design and quality as the expensive one first before I buy the expensive designer one.

    As for the thread topic, you can be fashionable if you can make your clothing, accesories, or whatever you wear work together, with or without wearing "high fashion." It's like those people who think throwing a bunch of special effects using expensive hardware and software in an art piece will make it look cool just because they think it'll give them a better edge in presentation but the overall composition looks like crap. And then you get other works that are simple in looks yet the composition flows together and is near perfect.

    Having access to high fashion clothing doesn't mean you're automatically fashionable or stylish but it does give you access to more styles of a certain type of clothing, color, fit, and design to fit with whatever you want.

    Then again, sometimes simplicity is hard to do and good quality is hard to come by at a reasonable price.

  8. I went today right when it opened, and unfortunately I couldn't find a single thing that I liked/fit me. Oh well.

    I second that as well. I saw somethings that I liked but most of them where larges and up. At least I knew what the sale was all about. Afterwards, I stopped by and picked up some pure white Prison Issue Vans at American Rag Cie to satisfy myself after I drove all that way and fought all that traffic.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342