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  1. -Drinking coffee at sidewalk cafes with friends


    -Getting lost while finding new places

    -My electronic Japanese dictionary

    -Cold weather

    -Chicken cutlet

    -Traveling anywhere

    -Money in the bank

    That's all for now...

  2. Stuff I hate:

    Rabid anime otaku fangirls who think they are Japanese- you know, the ones that pretend they speak the language like saying, "OMG THAT BISHOUNEN SOOO SUPA KAWAII DESU NE!!!11!1!", "BAKA BAKA BAKA", and "YAOI BUTTSECKUSU SOOO KAKKOI!!" It's annoying that they speak like this but it's such an insult to me as a Japanese major who think the language is so easy. It's not. These people should take advance Japanese language classes where everything is taught in Japanese.

    I は fangirls が kick したい!

    My cell phone automatically logging on to the internet, charging me- even when my phone is not in use it still does that.

    School starting in a few days- I can anticipate the papers and presentations.

    People who drive your car and giving you the car back with an almost empty tank with the "Empty" light on-I can think of one person who does this...

    Winter itch- the skin around my knuckles are cracked and bleeding. Lotion doesn't help.

  3. Otaku no Video

    One of the funniest anime shows I've ever seen. The story is about this normal guy who slowly gets drawn into the world of anime, and aspires to become the biggest otaku in the world.

    But during the anime, one of the main draws are the various live "interviews" with various otakus that mock their hobbies. One of the interviews involves this guy who is a porn otaku and he is being asked questions like "Do you enjoy your hobby?" and "Do you wish you have a girlfriend?"

    It's kind of hard to track down (well, for me) but highly recommended on my part as well as with the other shows mentioned above.

  4. Never been asked about my jeans before... until recently.

    I had some OD Black Tight Cheap Mondays I was wearing at work and my co-worker thought I suddenly turned emo and have a small penis. I said no on the emo part, but the small penis part...

    Anyway, my other co-worker liked my jeans and asked about where I got them and how much they cost. We also got into a little discussion about various shopping places in the area.

  5. I like the crew neck, depending on where he lives it's certainly not a familiar sight to everyone and this recontextualisation effectively removes the "geekiness" or ubiquity inherent in wearing a popular cartoon illustration.

    I used to wear the shirt a lot back then and people said that it was a very nice. One Japanese girl I knew the brand and said that it's very famous in Japan. The fit of the shirt is nice for my build, feels very soft, doesn't make me look big and the bottom falls just a little below my waist (I don't like shirts that fall below my crotch area).

  6. I bought these in Japan a year ago, which is still a recent purchase to me.




    Graniph- cheap tee, only $20. I wish it was a different color but I like the drawing on it. Sorry for the fuzzy image.


    Takeo Kikuchi x Lupin the 3rd- got this at Marui Men in Shinjuku. I still haven't watched the anime but the shirt looked cool. Was on sale.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342